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         United States
         Environmental Protection
                           Cooperative Agreement  Between
               EPAs  Office of Transportation  and Air Quality and
                                The  University  of  Toledo
        Title: Collaborative Effort to Refine Hydraulic Hybrid Drivetrains to Optimize Fuel Economy, Emis-
        sions, and Performance

        Purpose: Improve and optimize the components of hybrid hydraulic systems for maximizing fuel
        economy and simultaneously minimizing pollutant emissions. This collaborative effort is applicable to
        both light- and heavy-duty vehicles with high-efficiency hydraulic hybrid systems.

        Background: Under its Clean Automotive Technology program, EPA's Office of Transportation and
        Air Quality (OTAQ) conducts research in advanced engine and drivetrain technologies to:

          Reduce greenhouse gases
          Increase fuel efficiency
          Achieve low regulated pollutants

        The Clean Automotive Technology Program develops new advanced technologies for personal and
        commercial vehicles that are clean, fuel efficient, and cost effective. The program intends to encourage
        manufacturers to produce cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles by overcoming technical obstacles in
        their development.

        EPA partners with universities and industry to further development and to facilitate the commercialization
        of promising technologies. Through these partnerships, EPAactively pursues the transfer of EPAs
        technologies into the private sector for commercial production.

        Currently Proposed Tasks for the Cooperative Agreement:
           Improving efficiency of hydraulic hybrid drivetrain components
           Refining hydraulic hybrid drivetrains for smooth and quiet operation
           Modeling improvements to hydraulic hybrid operation
           Training a new generation of engineers with knowledge and skills in advanced automotive

        Duration & Funding Level of the Cooperative Agreement:  The total EPA commitment for
        3 years is up to $449,998. The University of Toledo will provide cost-sharing funds to contribute to
        advancing hydraulic hybrid technology.
     March 2006