User Manual for CDX/OTAQ Fuels
   Reporting System - Phase II
United States
Environmental Protection

                 User Manual for CDX/OTAQ Fuels

                       Reporting  System - Phase II
                            Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division
                              Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                              U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                    Prepared for EPA by

                                Computer Sciences Corporation
                               EPA Contract No. GSOOT99ALD0203
                                  Work Assignment No. T038
United States                                       EPA420-B-07-012
Environmental Protection                                 , , .,
Agency                                          July 2007


  The structure of this manual	3
  Section 1	4
  Fuels Reporting System	4
  History	5
  Overview	5
  System Features	5
  Minimum User System Requirements	6
  Support	6
  Section!	7
  Central Data Exchange	7
  User Registration for CDX	8
  Signing of Digital Signature Agreement	10
  Section 3	11
  Digital Certificates	11
  Application Stage	12
  Authentication Stage	12
  Retrieval  Stage	13
  Exporting your Digital Certificate	15
  Section 4	18
  CDX Submissions	18
  Complete a CDX Submission	19
  Installing the OTAQ Public Key	24


This manual details the functions of the Fuels Reporting system, and is organized to roughly
approximate the order in which the various functions of the system would be used. However,
some functions may be performed only during initial registration and setup, while others may be
optional for regular reporting.
This document provides step-by-step guidance to lead you through the necessary registration
and data input steps for using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Central Data
Exchange (CDX) / Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) Fuels Reporting System,
Phase II.

For an introduction to a specific area of the system a brief discussion may be used.
                 Special Note:
                 This area will be used for readers to pay special attention to
                 specific information regarding the system. An icon will be
                 placed near the areas of sections in which the reader is
                 encouraged read the special note box.
        This feature will give step-by-step instructions in a particular area.
Sample Steps
1 . Place your mouse over the
i^start button at the bottom left
Left click

    In this section, you will learn:
           The History and Overview of the system
           The Features
           The minimal User System Requirements
           How to receive Support for the System


OTAQ is responsible for developing and maintaining systems and processes associated with
the registration and reporting of fuels and fuel additives as well as compliance reporting for a
variety of fuels programs. Over the years, OTAQ has offered a handful of electronic reporting
solutions to the regulated community. In 1995, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was
implemented as an Agency pilot program for reporting Confidential Business Information (CBI)
data. EDI demonstrated the benefits and efficiencies of electronic reporting, but the system
proved to be cumbersome for many users.  In 2001 OTAQ introduced a simplified reporting
method for the Tier 2 Gasoline  Sulfur program. This method employs a flat file or spreadsheet
based report structure which may be submitted on a diskette or CD; however, it stops short of
an all-electronic reporting method since certification of the data must be done with  hardcopy
letters signed by a corporate official. In 2006, OTAQ introduced a fully electronic reporting
method utilizing the successful  flat file data structure and submitted via EPA's CDX.
The OTAQ/CDX Web portal is a simple and secure all-electronic reporting method for fuels
compliance report data. Users access the OTAQ data flow via Web forms accessed by logging
into CDX using a Microsoft (MS) Internet Explorer (IE) browser (Version 5.5 or higher). The
portal includes built-in encryption capabilities to protect user files and employs digital certificates
for certification and authentication of submissions.

       Upload and submit any document of any type
       Digitally encrypt and sign the submission
         OTAQ Web Submitter

         Obtain the Digital Certificate
         Enter submission metadata
         Use the Ul provided by CDX to
         encrypt and sign the submission
         Upload the encrypted and signed
         Receive CDX Inbox message and
         e-mail message for the submission
                                               Receive CDX Inbox message for
                                               the submission notification
                                               View and download the submission
                                               file(s) from the Inbox messages
                                   OTAQ Web Reviewer

Web Server

Host the ASPEncrypt, bTrade, and
CAM components
Provide Ul for file upload and Inbox
message retrieval
Archive, audit, and log the
Support authorized submission
data retrieval
Send confirmation message to the
Send notification message to the
                           Figure 1-1. OTAQ High Level Overview

     E-mail account
     Internet access
      Microsoft IE 5.5 or greater with 128-bit encryption1
      Intel Pentium processor or equivalent (minimum)
      MS Windows 98, Wndows 2000 (W2K), Wndows NT4.0 (Service Pack 5 or greater), or
      Wndows XP

There are three support options available for general and technical questions related to CDX:

   1.  Telephone - Person-to-person telephone support is available from the CDX Help Desk
      8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (EST). Call our toll-free line at 888.890.1995.
   2.  E-mail - Send an e-mail to Technical Support at with "OTAQ Fuel
      Tech Support" listed in the subject line.
   3.  Fax - Assistance requests are accepted 24 hours a day at 301.429.3905. Support
      personnel will respond to faxed requests Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. -  6:00 p.m.

If you  have questions about the content, format, or the policy for OTAQ Fuel Submissions
information, please call your EPA contact.

Please send any technical issues or comments about the OTAQ Fuel system to CDX Technical
Support at with "OTAQ Fuel Comments" in the subject line. Thank you for
your participation.

Any suggestions for enhancements to the OTAQ Fuel system should be directed to
1 Other Web browsers may be used, but these systems have not been tested or supported by EPA

    In this section, you will learn how to:
         Register for CDX
         Signing of Digital Signature Agreement

Information regarding each user of the system needs to be provided to EPA as part of the user
registration process. This step is known as user pre-registration. Please visit the following page
to pre-register users for CDX:

In order to use the Fuels Reporting System, two registration steps must take place. First, a
customer must register their company with EPA. This identifies the company to EPA, and
provides EPA with detailed contact information. Once EPA accepts a company's registration, a
four digit code is issued to the company, known as a company/ entity ID . This code is unique to
each company and is necessary to associate any and all data submissions to EPA belonging to
that specific company.
After a company has obtained a four-digit Company/ Entity Identification number from EPA, the
company must register the employees from their company that will be authorized to submit data
on the company's behalf. This is known as user registration, and the participants are designated
as users of the system. At that point, the user will  need to continue through various screens to
create a username and password, which will be used for all subsequent access to the system.
Most of the pages presented to the user will be pre-populated with information taken from the
spreadsheet that was submitted by the company to EPA, as part of the pre-registration process.
The following section details the process the user will need to complete in order to obtain an
account on the system, using their CRK.
1. The user has called the CDX Help Desk at 888.890.1995
and has been given a Web address and a CRK code
2. Enter CRK code
3. Finish
4. Carefully read the warning notice and the privacy
statement, once complete
5. Carefully read the CDX Terms & Conditions and print a
copy for your records
Enter your CRK code

Click on  at the
bottom of the "Terms &
Conditions" screen to continue
When you accept the terms and conditions, the "CDX Registration: User Information" screen will
display. The "CDX Registration: User Information" screen displays the information you provided
when you pre-registered in CDX. Make any necessary changes to the displayed information.

6. Choose
7. Choose
your user name *f
your user password
More than 7 characters; Don't
use $, %, . ," ,or @
More than 7 characters with a
least 1 number; Don't use $, %,
A unique user name is required within CDX. If the user name supplied is already in use, you will
be prompted to select another user name.
       The user name and password must be at least eight characters long.
       Additionally, the password must include at least one number. Both user
       name and password are restricted to alphanumeric characters, and may
       not begin with a number or contain spaces or symbols, (e.g., $, #, ", or @).
       The user name and password should not be the same.
       Note: You will need your user name and password each time you logon to
       CDX. Remember your user name and password.  If you forget your user
       name and password, CDX Technical Support will supply the secret
       question, and you must provide the secret answer to reset your password.
In addition to the user name and password, you must provide a secret question and secret
answer. For example, you might supply the question "Dog's Name", and enter "Ruby" as the
9. When you have completed the "CDX Registration: User
Information" screen
10. Complete the next page of the CDX Registration form, which
contains contact information
1 1 . Confirm the Office of Transportation and Air Quality Program
12. Verify your role as a submitter and the program is OTAQ
13. Congratulations on the completion. You will now receive an e-mail
Click on 
Click on 
Click on 
Click on 
Click on 


      You are now finished with the online portion of CDX registration.  Read the screen and
      click on the "Finished" button. The OTAQ Program requires approval for use of the
      dataflow, so your access to OTAQ: DC Fuel will be on hold until approved by OTAQ.
      Your OTAQ account will be activated upon your approval.

      A digital signature agreement will be automatically generated. The OTAQ program uses
      an IdenTrust digital certificate. Click the Accept & Print button to print your digital
      signature agreement. This document is needed for EPA to approve your digital
      certificate and verify that you understand the responsibilities of your digital signature.
      After you have printed, read and signed the agreement, fax it as soon as possible to
      the CDX Help Desk at 301.429.3905.
                Note: As soon as possible, fax the signed agreement
                to the CDX Help Desk: Fax number is 301.429.3905
                and mail it to the address on the form
      After you have accepted and printed the digital signature agreement, you will be taken to
      the digital certificate voucher page. Click the "print and continue" button to print this
      page as well as to navigate to your CDX homepage. You will need to keep the voucher
      number that appears on your screen for later use to verify your sponsorship by the EPA
      and obtain your digital certificate.
1 . Click the Print and Continue button to proceed to the
Digital Signature Trust page
2. Open your new account profile *f
3. You will notice that you do not have a digital
certificate installed
Click the 
Click OTAQ:

Click Cancel
                Note: If you do not see the OTAQ:DCFUEL link (Step
                2), please call the Help Desk at 1.888.890.1995
      Click cancel and open your email, where you will notice emails from CDX
      Registration (The CDX Help Desk).

    In this section, you will learn how to:
           Apply for a Digital Certificate
           Obtain a Digital Signature

Now you begin the process to obtain your digital certificate. There are three steps to
the application process: 1) Application; 2) Authentication; and 3) Retrieval.
1 . If necessary, navigate to the IdenTrust website
2. Read the US Government Warning
3. Enter the data on each screen until complete,
continue to click next, but choose  when
The certification entity will now begin the authentication process. Please be sure to send in your
"Digital Certificate Agreement" as soon as possible.  Expect a phone call from the CDX Help
Desk to verify your applicant information. The authentication stage should take no longer than 2
business days.

You will receive an e-mail acknowledging your application request. The e-mail will provide an
application ID and a website address that can be accessed to track your approval status.
1 . Look for an e-mail from the CDX help desk *f
Subject line "Your Certificate
Application is received"
                Please note that you will need your pass phrase
                when the Retrieval Stage begins!! This is not the
                same as your CDX password.

When your digital certificate is approved you will receive this e-mail from the CDX Help
Desk. This e-mail provides you the website and activation code needed to start the
retrieval process.
1 . Open the email with the subject "Your Certificate
Application is received" you may click on or type in the
website address provided to begin the retrieval stage
2. You will follow the instructions listed on the website
3. In the next screen we need to verify the ActiveX control
4. Enable the appropriate controls / plug-ins according to
the instructions
5. Once the security screen is shown, Under ActiveX
controls and plug-ins
6. When you have enabled both
7. In order to continue you will need to *r
Click on 
Click on "Tools" menu a the top of
your browser, then select
"Internet Options"
Click on the "Security Tab" and
select the "Internet Icon." Then
click on the 
Select  under Automati
c prompting for ActiveX
controls and Download signed
ActiveX controls
Choose  below to
Click  out of the security
settings and internet options, then
             You now need your Activation Code (Provided in the
             email sent to your actual email address and Pass phrase.)

8. If a warning screen appears
9. In the creating new RSA exchange key window
10. In the Set Security Level window
1 1 . Create a password for your RSA exchange key
12. Potential Scripting Violation window will open
13. You will be navigated to the Retrieve Digital Certificate:
Certificate Information page *f
Click  and continue
Click on 
Choose "High" and then click
Then click  and 
Read the information and then
              Now the system will verify the certificate has been
              properly retrieved. Read the information on the
              screen, PRINT THE INSTRUCTIONS.
14. Review and verify that the information on the page, once next is
clicked you are stating the information is correct. BE SURE!
15. Now is the time to verify the certificate has been downloaded
16. Click on the appropriate digital certificate if you have more than
17. The Certificate Retrieval page appears
18. You have the option to keep the window open or closed
Type in the correct password,
Click  and the
process is complete.
Click  if you want to
close the window

You must export your certificate into a file on your PC and also store a copy of it in a safe place (on a
CD; backed up on a network server; consult your PC support staff if needed). This will provide 2
benefits: first, it will allow you to re-install the certificate onto your PC in case of a malfunction, and
second, it will allow you to move your signing authority onto a new PC  if needed.

The certificate export procedure is a mechanism to copy a user's certificate (from their browser's
proprietary certificate store) into a standard certificate file (NIST approved PKCS#12 format) on their
PC file system.
1. From the internet
2. Then click on the "Content' tab click the
3. Select on the certificate you wish to export
4. The Certificate Export Wizard appears
5. Under Export Private Key
6. In order to continue
7. Do not select "Delete the private key if the export is
8. To continue
9. Type a password for your new certificate. Read
important box below *f
Click on the "Tools" menu and
select "Internet Options"
 button near the
center of the dialog box. You
should see your certificate(s) in
the dialog box that appears
Click the  button
Read the page and click 
Select the "Yes, export the private
key" radio button option
Select the "Personal Information
Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX)"
format, and check the middle
option (Enable strong
Click  when done

            This password does not have to be the same as the
            password for your certificate, CDX account, nor your
            computer. In fact, it is recommended to have a DIFFERENT
            password for the certificate.
10. Another screen appears asking you to specify the name
of the file you want to export "File to Export"
1 1 . Specify a file name for your certificate. Note: the export
format should use the "Personal Information Exchange
(pfx)" suffix automatically
12. Navigate to the directory where you want to save your
certificate file. Remember where you are saving the file for
later use
13. Click "Finish" to close the wizard
14. Click "Finish" to close the wizard
15. The password must be entered to proceed to the
exporting. EPA recommends NOT checking the
"Remember password" box
16. Finish the export
Click the  button
Specify a file name.
Type a "File Name" and click
 and then click 
You may see the following
confirmation dialog box. If so,
You may see the following
confirmation dialog box. If so,
Enter your password for the
export process. Click 
Click  to recognize the
export was successful!

3 OTAQ File Transfer - Preview - Microsoft Interne! Explorer
 File   Edit  View   Favorites  Tools  Help
                                 /  'Search ^Favorites
 Address :.gj
Google G>
Q Settings-r
                                 meets an appiicacie requirements ot4U UI-KBU, buDparti; ana, irappncaDie.tnattne volumes
                                 reported to the Administrator under 40 CFR 80.601 are in substantial agreement to volumes
                                 reported to the Internal Revenue Service (and if these volumes are not in substantial agreement, an
                                 explanation is included)."
                                 File Name: C:\Documents and Settings\trpdadmn\Desktop\Desktop51807\dsf0500.pdf
                                 File Size: 88 KBytes
                                 This process requires that the OTAQ Public Key be installed on your browser. If you have not done
                                 so, please click here to retrieve and install the public key.
                                 For detail instruction, please click here.
                                                                          Cncrypt and Sign
                                 Please note that the submission/encryption process is performed via a Java Applet. You will need to click on the "Encrypt and
                                 Sign" button twice to invoke the process. Alter you click on the "Encrypt and Sign", your file will be encrypted and signed.

                                 The full path file nameforthe Encrypted File is:

                                 For your convenience, the file name has been copied to the clipboard. Instead of browsing for the file, simply place the cursor
                                 to the "Encrypted File" field and press "CTRL-V" to paste it.
                                 Encrypted File:
                                 You will need to browse and select the signed and encrypted file before you click on the Submit
-^) Applet gov.epa.cdx.web.client.applet.5ign5ealApplet started

In this section, you will learn how to:
         Complete a submission
         Install the OTAQ Public Key

The following guide is to assist users with submission of files via the EPA's Central Data
Exchange, OTAQ Fuel Reporting System work flow. This guide assumes that the user has
already registered with CDX and downloaded their Digital Signature.  If the user has not
completed these tasks, then they should either wait until the registration process is complete or
call the CDX help desk at 1.888.890.1995.

Follow the step by step guide to complete your first submission.
1. Login to CDX
2. Enter your user id and password in the data entry fields
3. Your 'MyCDX Home Page' will be displayed. Navigate to
the OTAQ DCFU EL forms
4. (Possible; optional) A security dialog box will appear.
"Select your Digital Certificate" (Normally, it will be
identified with your name and the issuer will be "DST
ACES Business Representative CA A2"). Note: This
typically only happens if you have two or more certificates
installed on your browser.
5. (2nd Submission and subsequent times only) Select the
OTAQ Private Exchange Key
6. (optional; depends on personal browser settings) "Allow
secure and nonsecure items to be displayed?"
7. A form will appear.
9. When finished with the form
Click LOGIN or press .
Click the OTAQ DCFUEL link
Click OK
Click OK
Click Yes
Fill out the form. You will need several
EPA-supplied pieces of information,
including Company ID.
Call Scott Christian at (202) 343-9498
and type TEST in EPA Company Entity
ID field
Be sure to select all programs you are
reporting. Click Continue.

There are several sections of the form in which are required. The first section needs to be
completed with EPA Company/Entity information, which is required, if you do not know your ID,
please contact Scott Christian at (202)343-9498.
Note if you are submitting more than one Company ID, we only require that one of the IDs is
present in the EPA Company Entity ID field.
                                                           U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                                                                        Logged in as,
                                                                                     SCOTTDCHRISTIAN .
                                      C omp any Entity Information:
                        Company/Entity Name: EPA/OAKyOTAQ/CISD/IO
                      EPA Company Entity ID
                                      Contact Information (required):
                      Name (Last, Middle, First): Christian  Scott
                               Address 1: 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
                               Address 2:
                             City, State Zip: Washington , DC 20460
                             Phone Number: 2023439498
                              Fax Number:
                            E-Mail Address:

                                      Report Status (required):
                                    0 Original
                                    O Resubmission

                                      Attach Report File (required):
The second section will be completed for you. If it is not, please fill in the information, it is
The third section is to determine whether this is an original report status or resubmission.
        Report Status (required):
     (*)  Original
     O  Resubmission
The next section is where the report file is uploaded. Preferably, all reports submitted need to be
on one sheet, a text file, or a CSV file.

      Attach Report File (required):
      Files should comply with formatting, naming, and encryption requirements provided
      Guidance for Preparing and Submitting Electronic: Fuels Programs
      Please note that the file chooser is a Java Applet. You will need to click on the "Browse" button
      twice to invoke the process.
You may submit for more than one fuel reporting program on one sheet as long as you select
which programs you are certifying, (i.e. Gasoline Sulfur, Diesel Sulfur, Reformulated Gasoline)
      Certify Report Data (required - select all that apply):
      Reformulated Gasoline & Anti-Dumping:
      "I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information included in this
      submission is complete and accurate."
      Gasoline Sulfur:
      "I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information included in this
      submission meets all applicable requirements of 40 CFR Part SO, SubpartH."
      "I certify, to  the best of my knowledge, the information included in this submission
      meets all applicable requirements of 40 CFR 80, Subpart I; and, if applicable, that
      the volumes  reported to the Administrator under 40 CFR 80.601 are in substantial
      agreement to volumes reported to the Internal Revenue Service (and if these volumes
      are not in  substantial agreement, an explanation is included)."
      "I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information included in this
      submission is complete and correct"; and, if applicable,  "I am authorized by the
      manufacturer to submit this notification"; and, if applicable, "As per 40 CFR 79.11
      (g), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would be notified in writing if certain
      information in this notification were to change." and, if applicable, "This fuel
      manufacturer will not represent, directly or indirectly, in any notice, circular, letter, or
      other written communication, or any written, oral,  or pictorial notice, or other
      announcement in any publication or by radio or television, that registration of this fuel
      constitutes endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United
Comments are permitted before continuing.

   Comments (optional):
10. Determine the file in which you will need to upload
1 1 . Find the particular file
12. Verify the file name is listed in the box
13. Read all options
14. Add any comments which are optional, reset will clear the form
Click Browse TWICE
Double-click the file name
Scroll down and continue to
fill the form
Check those that may apply
Click Continue
     Attach Report File (required):
     Files should comply with formatting, naming, and encryption requirements provided
     Guidance for Preparing and Submitting Electronic: Fuels Programs
     Please note that the file chooser is a Java Applet. You wiTTrTtiud LLTcnTck on the "Browse" button
     twice to invoke the process.

  Attach Report File (required):
  Files should comply with formatting, naming, and encryption requirements provided
  Guidance for Preparing and Submitting Electronic Fuels Programs

   C:\Documents and Settings\vreed01\My Doc       Browse
  Please note that the file chooser is a Java Applet. You will need to click on the "Browse" button
  twice to invoke the process.
15. Security Information
16. If you see a warning stating the OTAQ Public Key
needs to be installed (Follow steps in the next section:
"Installing the OTAQ Public Key" )
17. Review your file
18. Encrypt and Sign
19. Ready the encrypted file for submission *v
20. Submit the form
Click Yes
Click OK
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Double Click the Encrypt and Sign
button (Note: if you see an error
and have not installed the OTAQ
Public key please follow the steps
in the next section before
Paste the encrypted file path into
the Encrypted File input box
Click the Submit button

    This process requires that the OTAQ Public Key be installed on your browser. If you have not done
    so, please click here to retrieve and install the public key.
    For detail instruction, please click here.
                                     Encrypt and Sign

    Please note that the subrnissiontencryption process is performed via a Java Applet. You will need to click on the "Encrypt and
    Sign" button twice to invoke the process. After you click on the "Encrypt and Sign", your file will be encrypted and signed.

    The full path file name for the Encrypted File is:
    C :Ue rn ptota q\eve ntfo rm. d o c ,zi p
    Encrypted File: C:\temp\otaq\

    You will need to browse and select the signed and encrypted file before you click on the Submit
               A feature of the system is once the file has been encrypted
               and signed its path is added to your clipboard so you can
               paste it into the input box, rather than search your
               computer for it. The extra step of uploading the path is to
               allow more companies to use CDX in a safe manner.
A public key (a type of digital certificate) issued by OTAQ needs to be installed on your
computer to facilitate the encryption of your submission file, and ensure that ONLY authorized
EPA personnel (the only people with access to the corresponding private key) may decrypt and
view your submission.

When you click on the link to retrieve and install the public key, a popup screen will be
1. Click the first link to retrieve and install the public key
2. You now want to open the file
click click here

Click Open

Do you want to open or save this file?
            Name:  GetOtaqPublicKeyServlet,p7b
             Type:  PKCS #7 Certificates, 1.25 KB
0 Always ask before opening this type of file
        While files from the Internet can be useful, some files can potentially
        harm your computer. If you do not trust the source, do not open or
        save this file. What's the risk?
                   Figure 4-1. File Download

The following dialog box should appear, prompting you for the location to install the certificate.
     E3 Certificates
      File   Action  View   Help
                                   Logical Store Name
                                       Figure 4-2. Certificates
3. Click the + in the left hand corner
4. Open the Certificates folder to view the public key
5. Open the key to the right
6. To install the key
Click the + button
Double click the
Certificates Folder
Double click OTAQ
Development Public
Click on Install
     B Certificates
      File   Action  View  Help
       I Certificates - Current User
 Issued To
Issued By
                                             Expiration Date
E^JOTAQ Development Public Key      OTAQ Develop...   4/4/2007
                                   Figure 4-3. Certificates Folder

                   General  Details  Certification Path
                      iJTT-.i  Certificate Information
                      This certificate is intended for the following purpose(s):
                           All issuance policies
                           All application policies
                          Issued to:  DCFUEL CDX Key
                          Issued by:  DCFUEL CDX Key
                          Valid from  6/29/2006 to 6/29/2007
                                           [install Certificate...]
                               Figure 4-4. General Certificate Tab
Clicking 'Install' will launch the Internet Explorer 'Certificate Import Wizard'. This software will put
the certificate file in its proper place on your computer and integrate its function with your copy
of Internet Explorer.
7. Read the Welcome Screen
8. Select the second
Click Next
Click the option to Place all
certificates in the following

Certificate  Import Wizard
                                Welcome to the Certificate Import
                                This wizard helps you copy certificates, certificate trust
                                listSj and certificate revocation lists from your disk to a
                                certificate store.

                                A certificatej which is issued by a certification authorityj is
                                a confirmation of your identity and contains information
                                used to protect data or to establish secure network
                                connections. A certificate store is the system area where
                                certificates are kept.

                                To continue; click Next.
                                                             N_ext >
                       Figure 4-5. Certificate Import Wizard
  Certificate Import Wizard
     Certificate Store
        Certificate stores are system areas where certificates are kept.
        Windows can automatically select a certificate store, or you can specify a location for

           O Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate

            jPlace all certificates in the following storej

              Certificate store:
                                                               (   [	Browse.^ J   )
                         Figure 4-6. Continue with Wizard

9. In order to select the Certificate Store
1 0. An additional popup will appear with a list of allowable
locations for the certificate. Scroll through the list to find
Trusted Root Certification Authorities'.
1 1 . Close the dialog box
12. The Public Key will be stored in Trusted Root Certification
13. You have successfully completed the Certificate Import
14. A security warning dialog will be displayed to confirm the
15. The import was successful
Click Browse
Click Trusted Root
Click OK
Click Next
Click Finish
Click Yes
Click OK
                                    Completing the Certificate Import


                                    You have successfully completed the Certificate Import

                                    You have specified the following settings:
                                      Certificate Store Selected by User Trusted Root Certific.
                                      Content                    Certificate