Ł CDA                                                    Office of Mobile Sources
V/CFiT^                                                          EPA420-B-91-001
                                                                           July 15,  1991
           Parts List for Section 207(a) Emission Design and Defect Warranty

This list is effective for model year 1992, and later vehicles. EPA will use this list as guidance
for all earlier model year vehicles.

I Air Induction System parts, components and seals including but not limited to:

        1.  Temperature sensor elements
        2.  Air door
        3.  Air cleaner housing
        4.  Cold air duct
        5.  Heated air duct
        6.  Intake manifold
        7.  Turbocharger (including wastegate, pop-off, etc.), by-pass valves, ducting
        8.  Charge air cooler or intercooler
        9.  Supercharger
       10.  Vacuum motor for air control

II. Fuel Metering System:

       1. Carburetor

              a. Carburetor assembly, housing, and idle mixture adjustment limiting device

              b. Internal carburetor parts, components, and seals, including but not limited to:
                    i)  metering jets and rods
                    ii) needle and seat
                    iii) accelerator pump
                    iv)  power valve
                    v) float circuit

              c. External carburetor parts, components,  and seals including but not limited to:
                    i)  altitude compensator
                    ii) vacuum diaphragms
                    iii) engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
                    iv)  intake air temperature sensor—IATS
                    v) manifold absolute pressure sensor-MAP
                    vi)  manifold vacuum sensor—MVS
                    vii) manifold vacuum zone switch—MVZS
                    viii) mixture control solenoid—MSC

       d.  Throttle and throttle controls including, but not limited to:
              i) solenoids
              ii) dashpots
              iii)  deceleration valve
              iv)  idle stop solenoid, anti-dieseling assembly
              v) idle speed control (ISC) system
              vi)  throttle position sensor—TPS

       e.  Choke Mechanism including, but not limited to:
              i) adjustment limiting device
              ii) heater
              iii)  early fuel evaporative valve, device or system—EFE
              iv)  choke delay valve

       f. Non-maintenance adjustments
              i) idle mixture
              ii) idle speed
              iii)  choke adjustment

2.  Fuel Injection, Throttle Body or Multipoint (Mechanical or Electronic)

       a.  Temperature sensors including, but not limited to:
              i) engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
              ii) intake air temperature sensor—IATS
              iii)  manifold surface temperature sensor—MSTS

       b.  Air flow devices or sensors including, but not  limited to:
              i) air flow sensor
              ii) manifold pressure sensor—MAP
              iii)  altitude/barometric pressure sensor
              iv)  manifold vacuum sensor—MVS

       c.  Engine position sensors including, but not limited to:
              i) engine speed sensor

       d.  Fuel system including, but not limited to:
              i) early fuel evaporation switch or system
              ii) fuel damper or accumulator
              iii)  fuel pressure regulator
              iv)  injectors
              v) fuel delivery/return lines

                    vi) fuel distributor (distribution manifold)
                    vii)  inertia fuel shut-off switch—IFSS
                    viii) cold start valve or injector

              e. Throttle body assembly and housing

              f. Throttle and throttle controls including, but not limited to:
                    i) idle air control valve system—IACV
                    ii) idle speed control system—ISC
                    iii) throttle position sensor—TPS

              g. Fuel composition sensors and control system (e.g., oxygenated fuel sensor).

       3.  Fuel Injection—Diesel

              a. Injectors
              b. Fuel pressure regulator
              c. Fuel supply pump (only if no separate fuel injection pump exists)
              d. Fuel injection pump
              e. Smoke puff limiter—SPL
              f. Glow plugs
              g. Engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
              h. Crankshaft position sensor
              i. Metering valve  solenoid
              j. Fast idle solenoid
              k. Cold start solenoid
              1. Altitude control solenoid

III. Ignition System including, but  not limited to:

        1. Distributor assembly  and  internal parts
        2. Initial timing
        3. Initial timing limiting device
        4. Spark plugs
        5. Spark plug wires/coil wire
        6. Breakerless pickup (all types)
        7. Ignition module
        8. Spark timing control module
        9. Coil/coil pack
       10. Dwell/points
       11. Vacuum advance assembly
       12. Weights/springs
       13. Spark delay devices
       14. Knock sensors—KS

       15. Engine speed sensors
       16. Camshaft position sensor
       17. Crankshaft position sensor—CPS
       18. Engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
       19. Thermal vacuum switch—TVS
       20. Distributorless ignition control module
       21. Vacuum switching valve
       22. Vacuum by-pass valve
       23. Vacuum solenoid
       24. Transmission switch
       25. Time delay

IV. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System including, but not limited to:

        1. EGR valve assembly(ies)
        2. EGR flow sensor
        3. EGR spacer plate
        4. Internal passages and exhaust gas orifices
        5. EGR function sensor—EGRS
        6. EGR function control—EGRC
        7. Delay solenoid/valves
        8. Vacuum amplifier
        9. Vacuum reservoir
       10. Engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
       11. Speed sensors
       12. Solenoid vacuum valve
       13. Thermal-controlled vacuum valve
       14. Temperature-controlled vacuum valve
       15. Vacuum reducing valve
       16. EGR coolant override valve
       17. Backpressure transducer
       18. Exhaust pressure regulator

V. Positive Crankcase Ventilation System~PCV

       1. PCV valve or orifice
       2. Oil filler cap
       3. PCV Connection Assembly

VI. Fuel Evaporative Control (EVAP) System including, but not limited to:

        1.  Canister
        2.  Canister purge solenoid/valve
        3.  Fuel filler cap
        4.  Fuel filler neck restrictor
        5.  Fuel fill pipe
        6.  Fuel tank
        7.  Fuel lines
        8.  Vapor separator
        9.  On-board refueling evaporative system
       10.  Pressure relief valve
       11.  Rollover valve
       12.  Anti-siphon valve (only if related to evaporative system)
       13.  Bowl vent valve

VII. Secondary Air Injection System, including but not limited to:

       1.  Secondary air management control valves including, but not limited to:
              a) secondary air bypass valve~SABV
              b) secondary air anti-backfire valve—SABFV
              c) secondary air switching valve—SASV
              d) secondary air pulse valve—SAPV
       2.  Secondary air injection pump
       3. Drive belt
       4. Injection tubes or manifolds
       5. Pressure relief valve
       6. Pressure setting plug
       7. Pulse air system
       8. Deceleration control valve
       9. Temperature sensors

VIII  Exhaust

        1.  Exhaust manifold
        2.  Thermal reactor casing and lining
        3.  Catalytic converters
        4.  Catalytic converter shell, nipples and heat shield
        5.  Traps, filters, precipitators, and any other device used to capture particulate
        6.  Regenerators, oxidizers, fuel additive devices, and any other device used to
       regenerate or aid in the regeneration of the parti culate control device
        7.  Control device enclosures and manifolding
        8.  Exhaust port liners

        9. Double walled portion of exhaust system
       10. Heat riser valve and control assembly
       11. All parts or pipes between converters or between converters and exhaust manifold

IX. Engine Emission Control System Sensors (modules, sensors, solenoids, valves)
including, but not limited to:

        1. Ambient air temperature sensor
        2. Electronic control unit (module)—ECU or ECM
        3. Powertrain control module (engine)--PCM
        4. Powertrain control module (transmission)--PCMT
        5. Oxygen sensors
        6. Heated oxygen sensors
        7. Air conditioner sensor—ACS
        8. Barometric absolute pressure sensor—BARO
        9. Coolant level sensor—COLS
       10. Engine coolant temperature sensor—ECTS
       11. Fuel temperature sensor
       12. Manifold absolute pressure sensor—MAP
       13. Manifold vacuum sensor—MVS
       14. Manifold vacuum zone switch—MVZS
       15. Wide open throttle switch-WOTS
       16. Engine speed sensor
       17. Torque sensor
       18. Cylinder chamber temperature sensor
       19. Catalyst temperature sensor
       20. Coolant fan control switch
       21. Thermal vacuum switch—TVS
       22. Vehicle speed sensor—VSS
       23. Vehicle speed pulse generator—VSPG
       24. Operating gear selector switch—OGSS
       25. Gear selector switch—GSS
       26. Torque converter lockup switch—TCLS
       27. Park neutral switch-PNS

X  On Board Diagnostics-OBD

       1. Malfunction indicator light—MIL
       2. MIL bulb
       3. OBD system
       4. Service reminder
       5. Data link connector—DLC

XL Related Parts Associated With The Above Systems

1.  Hoses
2.  Switches, sensors, solenoids
3.  Gaskets/seals
4.  Wires/harnesses/connectors