Transport Partnership
                                                          Partnership Agreement:
                  EPA's SmartWaySM Transport Partnership is an innovative program that recognizes Partners
                     for setting and achieving greenhouse gas (CHC) reduction goals in freight transport.
                                                          .Joins EPA's SmartWay Transport
With this agreement,	
Partnership and commits to:
     Measure the environmental performance of our fleet using EPA's FLEET Performance Model - Carrier Module
     (results attached).
     Identify a goal to improve the environmental performance of our fleet,to be achieved within 3 years of signing
     this agreement.
     Develop an Action Plan detailing how the goal will be achieved.
     Submit the goal and Action Plan to EPA within 6 months of signing and submitting this agreement.
     Report progress toward achieving the goal to EPA annually.

In return, EPA commits to:
     Increase public awareness of Partner participation in the SmartWay Transport Partnership by listing Partners on the EPA
     SmartWay Transport Partnership Web site and in related educational, promotional, and media materials. EPA will obtain
     express written consent from the Partner before publishing the Partner's name other than in the context of increasing public
     awareness of its participation as described here.
     Publicize the actual performance data of Partners only with a Partner's express permission, except as otherwise required
     by law.
     Assist Partners in achieving goals by working to address challenges, create incentives, and provide technical assistance and
     support (subject to appropriations).

General terms:
     If the Partner or EPA defaults upon this agreement at any point, the agreement shall be considered null and void.
     Either party can terminate the agreement at any time without prior notification or penalties or any further obligation.
     EPA agrees not to comment publicly regarding the withdrawal of Partners.
     EPA reserves the right to suspend or revoke Partner status for any Partner that fails to accomplish the specific actions to
     which it committed in the SmartWay Transport Partnership Agreement and subsequent Agreements.
     The Partner agrees that it will not claim or imply that its participation in the SmartWay Transport Partnership constitutes
     EPA approval or endorsement of anything other than the Partner's commitment to the program. The Partner will not make
     statements or imply that EPA endorses the purchase or sale of the Partner's products and services or the views of
     the organization.
     The Partner understands that it bears its own costs for  participation in this program, and agrees not to submit a claim for
     compensation to EPA or any other  Federal agency on the basis of this agreement.

Authorized  Partner Official:
The undersigned, on behalf of_
    understands and agrees to the terms of the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership.
    Designated Partner Representative:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  Office of Transportation and Air Quality 2000 Traverwood, Ann Arbor, Ml 48105 734 214 4767 fax 734 214 4052  www.epa.gov/smartway

Transport Partnership
                                                               Join the SmartWay
                                            Transport  Partnership TODAY!
    Becoming a SmartWay Transport Carrier Makes Good Business Sense
                                                                  "... / encourage everyone to join Swift In
                                                                  becoming a member of SmartWay. You'll
                                                                  save fuel which means you'll make more
                                                                  -Dave Berry,Vice President,
                                                                   Swift Transportation
Cost Savings:
The Partnership promotes new technologies and management
practices to save fuel, which saves you money, period.

Business-to-Business Advantage:
SmartWay Transport Carriers are preferred by SmartWay
Transport Shippers, and they want to ship their goods with
you. Shipper Partners are already giving priority contracts to
SmartWay Transport Carriers.

Freight Management Tools:
EPA's FLEET Performance Model allows you to track and manage
fuel use, evaluate fuel savings and environmental benefits of a
variety of fuel efficiency  strategies, and create a custom-fit plan
for achieving greater fuel efficiency gains in the future.

Technical Support:
EPA will assist you in using the FLEET Performance Model and meeting your goals.

Recognition for Your Existing Environmental Improvements:
Your fleet's existing fuel efficiency strategies, coupled with continued improvements, determine your status in the
Partnership. You get full  credit for improvements made thus far.
         Promotional opportunities and public recognition:
         The SmartWay Transport Partner brand of excellence is
         awarded to qualifying Partners as a visible cue to your business
         customers, clients, and consumers to use in their advertising and
         other promotional media. It tells them that you are a champion
         of environmental stewardship and helps them to make educated
         choices about SmartWay Transportted) products. Visible
         exposure through national and regional events, advertisements,
         articles, and special recognition are just a few ways that EPA
         commits to recognize your achievements.
    Becoming a  Partner is Easy
    When youjoin the SmartWay Transport Partnership, you commit to:
                                                         "Like others in the transportation industry
                                                         we need the ability to operate efficiently
                                                         and ensure that we reduce the Impact
                                                         our company has on the environment. By
                                                         becoming a member of SmartWay, our
                                                         company, as a whole, is challenged to Improve
                                                         our operations for the betterment of all."
                                                         -Joe Chapman, Operations Manager,
                                                          Triple S Trucking
         Assess your fleet's environmental performance using EPA's FLEET Performance Model for Carriers;
         Identify a goal to improve your environmental performance;
         Develop a plan detailing how the goal will be achieved; and
         Report your progress annually to EPA.

    Simply mail or fax the signed Partnership Agreement to:

                  SmartWay Transport Partnership
                  U.S. EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                  2000 Traverwood
                  Ann Arbor, Ml 48105
                  Fax: (734) 214-4052

    Then download the FLEET Performance Model at www.epa.gov/smartway, fill in your fleet information, and email the
    completed model to smartway_transport@epa.gov. Your Partner Welcome Kit will be mailed to you shortly.

    Become a SmartWay Transport Carrier TODAY!

    For more information about joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership, call us at (734) 214-4767.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Transportation and Air Quality  2000 Traverwood, Ann Arbor, Ml 48105 734 214 4767  fax 734 214 4052  www.epa.gov/smartway