Supplemental Assistance
                         Association of South  Central
                         Oklahoma  Governments,  OK

EPA awarded the Association  of South Central
Oklahoma Governments (ASCOG) supplemental
assistance for  its  Brownfields Assessment
Demonstration Pilot.  ASCOG represents 272,000
residents within a consortium of eight counties and 71
municipalities in southern Oklahoma. ASCOG is the
regional leader on environmental issues in this rural and
agricultural region where poverty rates range as high as
28 percent.

The ASCOG brownfields inventory developed during
the original Pilot contains 103 sites, and the Association
estimates that there are over 250 brownfields in the
region. Ofthe 103 identified sites, ASCOG accomplished
initial assessments and planning for 14 high priority sites
targeted under the original Pilot. One of these sites has
already been cleaned up and awaits construction of a
soccer complex. The state has agreed to conduct
Phase II assessments at three of the high priority sites.
Supplemental assistance is needed to work toward
completion of the site assessments and planning on the
tenremaining high priority sites. Mostofthese properties
are abandoned or underused former industrial sites and
environmental concerns are a major consideration in
redeveloping them.


Supplemental assistance will be used to advance several
sites towards redevelopment  and thus improve the
environment and  economy of this rural region of
Oklahoma. Successfully redeveloping a few high
priority, highly visible sites is expected to demonstrate
the value of a coordinated brownfields program and
generate enthusiasm for undertaking additional projects.
                                 PILOT SNAPSHOT
                                  Association of South
                                  Central Oklahoma
Date of Announcement:
May 2002

Amount: $150,000

Profile:The Pilot will complete
Phase  II  environmental
assessments on  eight high-
priority sites in this rural, eight-
county region.

                                 Association of South Central
                                 Oklahoma Governments
Regional Brownfields
U.S. EPA Region 6
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                              Supplemental assistance will be used to implement
                              Phase II environmental assessments at eight sites that
                              underwent Phase I assessments under the original
                              Pilot. ASCOG also will expand public outreach, continue
                              to identify new brownfields, develop partnerships, and
                              leverage additional resources.

Activities planned as part of this Pilot include:

 Completing four Phase II environmental assessments
  and identifying cleanup requirements for these sites;

 Conducting Phase II environmental assessments  on
  four more of the targeted brownfields properties; and

 Conducting outreach and  community  involvement
activities described in this fact sheet are subject to change.
                                                              Solid Waste            EPA 500-F-02-101
                                                              and  Emergency         May 2002
                                                              Response  (5105)       www.epa.gov/brownfields/