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EPA 500-F-98-269
November 1998
                         Bridgeport's  Restored
                         Gateway  Leads  to a Whole
                         New  Impression
Outreach ard Special Projects Staff (5101)
                      EroAinfields Success Stories
 EE&.' s Brcwnfields Eccnonic Redevelopmait Initiative is designed to empower States, ocmtunities, and other stakeholders in
 eajnnic:rede\elc|llBttowcckta|a1±^                      assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse
 brcwnfieQds. Abrcwnfieliisasite, or portion thereof, that has actual or perceived ca±aninatim and an active potentLalfor
 redevelopment or reuse.  Since 1995, EEA has funded more than 220 National and Regional Brcwnfields Assessment Eilots, at
 up to $200,000 each, tosugportQmtiwtM>-jeare5^ca3licffi                               TheEilotsare
 intended to provide EEA, States, Tribes, itunkdpalities, and comunities with useful infomation and strategies as they continue
 to seek newitEthods to pranote a unified approach to site assessment, environtEntal cleanup,  and redevelopment.
      Wiether arriving by boat or train, or just
      Iriving through on the 1-95 overpass,
visitors to Bridgeport, Connecticut at last have a
positive first impression of the City. Bridgeport's
residents, meanwhile, are enjoying new economic
stability, new jobs, and the much-needed restora-
tion of the City's derelict industrial areas.

In recent years, Bridgeport suffered severe
economic decline brought on in part by the
departure of vital industry, and the abandonment
and perceived contamination of former industrial
sites.  Forced to declare bankruptcy in 1990 due
to its continued financial deterioration, Bridgeport
         Bridgeport's new stadium, home of
             the Bridgeport Bluefish
                Jenkins Valve Site

had become one of the poorest yet most highly
taxed cities in the nation. Nowhere in the City was
this economic decay more evident than at the
former Jenkins Valve site, located directly at
Bridgeport's main gateway. For nearly ten years,
visitors coming in via the City's ferry, from Amtrak
and Metro-North Railroad cars arriving at
Bridgeport's train terminal, and in vehicles buzzing
overhead on the Interstate 95  overpass were all
subjected to a clear view of the abandoned, run-
down property.

Thanks in part to assistance from EPA and other
Federal agencies, Jenkins Valve and other unused

                                                                            JUST THE FACTS
                                                              ' The Pilot has leveraged nearly $14 railliai in public and
                                                                private funding toward cleanup and redevelopmant of
                                                                the Jenkins \alve site.
                                                              ' IXbre than 360 new jobs,  including 68 pentBnent
                                                                positions, have been created at the new 5,500-seat
                                                                ballpark on the site.
                                                              ' The Bridgeport Eilot was recently awarded $350,000 in
                                                                funding as part of EPA' s Brcwnfields Cleanup Reviving
                                                                Loan Fund program.
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Brownfields SUCCESS Story
November 1998
                                      RridgEport, CI
                                    EPA 500-F-98-269