Be extra careful outdoors!
         Lighter skin will burn in minutes without protection.
 Avoid exposure from 10:00 to 4:00 and shield skin and eyes.
                        UV levels are dangerous.
     A change in skin color means UV radiation has damaged
  your skin. White sand and water increase your UV exposure.
                    Sunburn can happen quickly.
            Children are especially sensitive to UV exposure.
            Cover up, use sunscreen, and play in the shade.
                           It may seem safe but...
    Up to 80% of solar UV radiation can penetrate light cloud
     cover. Use UV-blocking sunglasses and protect your skin.
 4   LU
         Always protect yourself from the sun.
Even with a low index rating, you can be overexposed. On a sunny
 day, snow reflects enough UV radiation to damage eyes and skin.
k United States
 Environmental Protection
May 2004