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 October 1997
                       Regional  Brownfields
                      Assessment  Pilot
                                                            Pomona, CA
  Outreach and Special Projects Staff (5101)
                Quick Reference Fact Sheet
EPA's Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative is designed to empower States, communities, and other
stakeholders in economic redevelopment to work together in a timely manner to prevent, assess, safely clean up, and
sustainably reuse brownfields. A brownfield is a site, or portion thereof, that has actual or perceived contamination and
an active potential for redevelopment or reuse. Since 1995, EPA has funded more than 120 National and Regional
Brownfields Assessment Pilots, at up to $200,000 each, to support creative two-year explorations and demonstrations
of brownfields solutions. The Pilots are intended to provide EPA, States, Tribes, municipalities, and communities with
useful information and strategies as they continue to seek new methods to promote a unified approach to site assessment,
environmental cleanup, and redevelopment.

EPA Region 9 has selected the City of Pomona for a
Regional Brownfields Pilot. Pomonahas apopulation
of 149,600 and is the fourth-largest city in  Los
Angeles County.  The multi-cultural community is
54% Latino, 12% African American, and 8% Asian.
Downtown Pomona is home to an arts colony, an
antique row, a farmers market, and one of two mass
transit train stations (MetroLink) located within the

The City, once predominantly a manufacturing and
industrial hub, has experienced a large decline in
these industries as well as a decline in the defense
industry. General Dynamics, once the City's largest
private-sector employer, is now the site of one of the
City's largest brownfields (200 acres). The site was
built in 1952 to develop and build weapons for the
U.S.Navy.Froma 1980s'peak of 10,000 employees,
all site production and operations have now ceased.


The Pilot's target locations include eleven Redevel-
opment Project Areas  and the portions of the City
within the Los Angeles Revitalization Zone (LARZ),
which offers various tax incentives for  qualified
businesses located in the zone.  The LARZ program
was enacted to help targeted communities recover
                    Date of Award:
                    September 1997

                    Amount: $100,000

                    Site Profile: The Pilot
                    targets brownfields in
                    eleven Redevelopment
                    Project Areas and portions
                    of the City within the Los
                    Angeles Revitalization
  Pomona, California

Cruz Esparza
Pomona Department of
Economic Development
(909) 620-2050
Steve Simanonok
U.S. EPA-Region 9
        Visit the EPA Brownfields Website at:

from the area's Spring 1992 civil unrest by offering
incentives to invest in and hire residents from these
communities. The City will use Pilot funds to con-
duct a detailed analysis of all  vacant, underused.
potentially contaminated sites in the City.  The City
will compile this information in a database, including
information such as existing land use, prior land use,
LARZ opportunities, and available financing assis-
tance.   The Pilot plans to make this information
available to the public via the Internet.


The Pilot will:

* Assess the City's brownfields problem by perform-
 ing site analysis, including characterizing each site
 and providing cleanup recommendations;

* Build on existing public/private partnerships that
 are specific to brownfields revitalization;

* Initiate a Community Action Plan to involve and
 educate  the  community living and working in
 brownfields areas;

• Provide  brownfields  assessment information to
 business owners, potential developers, and residents
 through  the Regional Environmental Business
 Resource and Assistance Center (REBRAC), a not-
 for-profit  economic development program  of
 Fullerton College; and

* Develop a readily accessible, on-line database system
 of brownfields site information.
  Regional Brownfields Assessment Pilot                                                 Pomona, California
  October 1997                                                                    EPA 500-F-97-162