What You Ca


             1. Reduce, Reuse, and
              Reduce the waste and the water 9
            leuse all those bags and stuff you can choose.
         Recycle thing-a-ma-bobs* papers, bottles and sui
        Join the team to save the world that we love so much.

                    2. Use Green "Power
     ,    Choose to use energy made by the wind and the sun<
       H's renewable green power that can make your home run.
           Power like this doesn't hurt our climate at all,
       54 modify your house to catch it or, for befp, give us a c
                      epa< gov/gr e* npo we r

                  5. Change Your Lights        I
           change put S light bulbs to ENERGY STAR ones,
       you'll fight global warming and save 65 dollars in fun '
         They use 15% less energy than the standard light.
     and last up to 10 times longer brightly illuminating the night*

             4, Use ENERGY STAR Products
       When buying  new products far your work and your house.
ok for ENERGY STAR labels and reduce air pollution to the size of i mouse.
       Even brand new houses feature the ENERGY STAR label.
it will save greenhouse emissions* pollution and evert cash if you're able*
                         energy star.gov

               5. Heat and Cool
         Lots of energy is used to heat an
        so insulate your attic aft«J seal up air IHflff*,,
        Tune up all your equipment in the spring and the .
       SO when your energy bill comes it will be nice and smt
     .  Calculate Your Household's Carbon F<
       By using the EFAs greenhouse gas emissions calculator,
     you can fearn about how to make your conservation greater.
         Reducing your emissions and learning all new ways,
      to keep the earth clean and bright for the rest of its days,

                      II- S«in HaHnnMun« Mini md tr SMiM.lh.nKir.ru