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                                    United States
                                    Environmental Protection
         EPA 747-F-00-001
         March 2000
. a.
I o
O a.
                                    Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances (7404)
                                 The Lead-Based Paint
                                 Does It Apply
                                 to  YOU?
                                    Home Improvement Contractors
                                    Landlords/Property Managers
                                    Apartment Maintenance Staff
                                    Renovators & Remodelers
                                    Electricians & Plumbers
                                    Anyone whose work disturbs paint

 What is the Lead-Based Paint
 Pre-Renovation Education
 Rule (Lead PRE)?	

  Lead PRE is a Federal regulation affecting
renovations/repairs in residential housing built
before 1978.

  Lead PRE is designed to provide residents of
pre-1978 housing with information to help prevent
lead exposure which can cause serious health
effects, especially in children and pregnant

Who Must Follow These

In general, anyone whose compensated work
disturbs paint in housing built before 1978,

  Residential rental property owners/managers
  General contractors
  Special trade contractors, including:
   Painters, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians.
Generally, the New Lead PRE Rule Applies to YOU if:

  Your renovation/repair work involves houses/apartments built before 1978.
  You disturb more than 2 square feet of painted surfaces.
  You are compensated for the work, do the work in exchange for other
   services (bartering), or you or your staff do the work as property managers.
  Your work is not specifically excluded from this law.
                              What Does Lead PRE Require You to Do?

                              For work in houses or individual apartments:
                                Distribute the pamphlet, Protect Your Family From Lead in
                                 Your Home, to housing owners and occupants before
                                 starting renovations or repairs, AND
                                 Obtain confirmation of receipt of this pamphlet from owner
                                 and occupants (OR you may mail the pamphlet and obtain
                                 a certificate of mailing from the post office), AND
                                Retain records for 3 years.

                              For work in common areas of multi-family housing:
                                Distribute renovation notices to tenants.
                                Retain records for 3 years.
                                         What Work is Specifically Excluded from Lead PRE?

                                            Housing built in 1978 or later
                                            Housing for the elderly or disabled persons (unless children will reside there)
                                            Zero-bedroom dwellings (studio apartments, dormitories, etc.)
                                            Housing or components declared lead-free by a certified lead inspector or certified risk assessor
                                            Emergency renovations and repairs
                                            Minor repairs and maintenance that disturb 2 square feet or less of paint per component
                                           To find out more about Lead PRE
                                           or to  obtain the  Protect  Your
                                           Family  From  Lead  pamphlet:
                                              CALL: 1-800-424-LEAD
                                              VISIT:  www.epa.gov/lead
                                              CONTACT: Your EPA Regional Office