ENERGY STAR58, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and
U.S. Department of Energy program, helps us all save money
and protect our environment through energy efficient products
and practices. For more information, visit www.energystar.gov.
Promoting ENERGY STAR Qualified Room Air Cleaners

ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. It identifies products in
more than 50 categories, including room air cleaners, that use less energy without sacrificing
quality or performance. ENERGY STAR qualified products are an easy, convenient solution to
energy and cost concerns.

ENERGY STAR qualified products:
  Save energy
  Save money
  Save the environment

How do room air cleaners earn the ENERGY STAR?
Qualified air cleaners must meet energy efficiency requirements based on the electricity used
to remove contaminants, such as dust, from the air. If the air cleaner has consumer functions
such as a clock or remote control, it uses less energy than standard models by meeting the
requirements for stand by power.

Please note, the US EPA does not endorse any manufacturer claims of healthier indoor air from
the use of this product.

Why sell ENERGY STAR qualified room air cleaners?
  In 2007, more than 70% of households nationwide recognized the ENERGY STAR label.
  ENERGY STAR qualified room air cleaners are 44% more energy efficient than their
   standard counterparts, so they use less energy to remove particles, such as dust and pollen
   from indoor air.
  Selecting an ENERGY STAR qualified room air cleaner instead of a standard model could
   save $35 a year in utility bills.
  By using less energy, qualified room air cleaners reduce greenhouse gas emissions
   caused by burning fossil fuels at power plants. Since 2004, ENERGY STAR qualified air
   cleaners have saved 900 million kWh and prevented 1 billion pounds of greenhouse gas
  Consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and help the environment.
   Partnering with ENERGY STAR can increase sales and customer loyalty.

What in-store promotion ideas are available?
  Print and place ENERGY STAR hang tags on all displayed qualified  models.
  Co-brand a poster or banner with a retailer or manufacturer.
  Distribute window decals for display on retailers' windows.
  Use an in-store or event banner to draw attention to a display of all your qualified energy-
   efficient products.
  Offer sales associate training on qualified products.
  Reach a broader audience by using marketing materials available in Spanish.
            To LEARN MORE about ENERGY STAR and Qualified Products:
       Visitwww.energystar.gov/training or call 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937)