ENERGY STAR58, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and
U.S. Department of Energy program, helps us all save money
and protect our environment through energy efficient products
and practices. For more information, visit www.energystar.gov.
Promoting  ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers

ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency.
It identifies products in more than 50 categories, including clothes washers, that
use less energy without sacrificing performance or quality. ENERGY STAR
qualified products are an easy, convenient solution to energy and cost concerns.

ENERGY STAR qualified products:
 Save energy
 Save money
 Save the environment

How do clothes washers earn the ENERGY STAR?
Qualified clothes washers must be at least 37% more energy efficient than federal
standards and must meet stringent water efficiency criteria. Clothes washer efficiency
is determined by the amount of energy used by the washer, the energy used to heat
the water, and the energy required to remove the remaining moisture in the wash
load. Water efficiency is measured by the gallons of water used per cubic foot of

Why sell ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers?
 In 2007, more than 70% of households nationwide recognized the ENERGY STAR
 Qualified clothes washers help lower utility bills about $50 a year by reducing energy
  consumption by about 30% and water consumption by more than 50% compared to
  regular washers.
 A full-sized ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer uses 10-20 gallons of water per
  load, compared to the 30-35 gallons used by a standard machine.

 By using less energy, qualified clothes washers reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  caused by burning fossil fuels at power plants.  By reducing water consumption, they
  help protect our lakes, streams, and oceans.

 Many models incorporate high-efficiency features such as:
    -  Higher capacity with front- and top-loading options without central agitators
    -  High-pressure spray rinsing that saves water
    -  High-speed spin options that reduce drying time and energy usage

    - Efficient motors and precise settings that can save energy and water.

What in-store promotion ideas are available?

 Print and place ENERGY STAR hang tags on all displayed qualified models.
 Co-brand a poster or banner with a retailer or manufacturer.
 Distribute window decals for display on retailers' windows.
 Use an in-store or event banner to draw attention to a display of all your qualified
  energy-efficient products.
 Offer sales associate training on qualified  products.
 Reach a broader audience by using marketing  materials available in Spanish.
           To LEARN MORE about ENERGY STAR and Qualified Products:
      Visitwww.energystar.gov/training or call 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937)