United States
                  Environmental Protection
                                                                          OMB Control No. 2060-0578
                                                                          Approval Expires 04/30/2009
                                                                               SERA COMBINED HEAT AND
                                                                                   POWER PARTNERSHIP
Partner's  Letter  of  Intent
for  Companies  and  Institutions
Please fax the completed Letter of Intent (2 pages) to 617/482-1320 (contractor in support of EPA)
      With this letter.

      joins EPA's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership and agrees to work with EPA to promote the benefits

      of CHP and support development of new CHP projects.
              Authorized Company Representative Signature

   The Partner Agrees to:
   1.  Designate a liaison for EPA's CHP Partnership.
   2.  Provide data on existing CHP projects and new project development to help EPA determine climate benefits.
   3.  Provide input to EPA-developed CHP Partnership tools and services.
   4.  Employ CHP Partnership tools and services, as appropriate, to recognize and promote CHP development.

   EPA Will:
   1.  Promote understanding and recognition of the environmental, energy, and economic benefits of CHP.
   2.  Support the Partner with tools and services intended to accelerate the development of CHP projects, including
      recognition of Partner's CHP accomplishments and associated benefits.
   3.  Designate a Program Manager as Partner liaison.

   General Terms:
   1.  This agreement can be terminated by either party, at any time, without prior notification, penalties, or
      further obligation.
   2.  EPA will honor requests to keep reported data or activities confidential.
   3.  The Partner agrees that the activities it undertakes connected with this voluntary agreement are not intended to
      provide services to the federal government and that the Partner will not seek compensation from  a federal
   4.  The Partner agrees that it will not claim or imply that its participation in the Partnership constitutes EPA approval
      or endorsement of anything other than its commitment to the Partnership.
                             Please complete the information on page 2.
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Partner's  Liaison:
City:  	State:	Zip:	
Telephone:	Fax:	
Additional Partner Information:
Please check the box below that best describes your company's CHP-related service or activity.
    D CHP Project Developer
    D Construction
    D Consultant/Engineering
    D ESCO
    D End-user
    D Equipment Manufacturer
    D Financier
    D Non-governmental Organization (NGO)
    D Utility

Your organization's Web site address:	
Does your organization have a CHP-related Web page? If so, please list here:

May we provide a link to your CHP-related Web page?         D Yes         D No

Please provide a brief profile of your organization's involvement with CHP and what services you provide, if appropriate
(If the space below is not adequate,  please mail or fax this information to us on separate pages, along with your signec
Letter of Intent.):
The government estimates the average time needed to fill out this form is 4.9 hours and welcomes suggestions for reducing this level of effort. Send comments
(referencing OMB control number) to the Director, Collection Strategies Division, U.S. EPA (2822T), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20460.

           PLEASE FAX THE COMPLETED LETTER OF INTENT TO 617/482-1320 (contractor in support of EPA)

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