Emergency Response Tabletop Exercises for
                     Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems
                     Train-the-Trainers Workshop
      EPA is making available a new CD product
      entitled Emergency Response Tabletop
      Exercises for Drinking Water and Wastewater
      Systems. The tabletop exercises on this CD were
      developed to help train water and wastewater
      utility workers in the application of their
      emergency response plans. In total, twelve
      unique exercises can be created from the CD
      from five basic event types:  intentional
      contamination, security breach,  cyber security,
      physical attack, and interdependency.  Users are
      also encouraged to adapt the materials on the CD
      to meet their own needs and objectives.
      The exercises also contain secondary roles for health officials, laboratories, fire, police,
      emergency medical services, and local, state, and federal officials.  The training goal of the
      CD is to strengthen the relationships between a water supplier and their emergency response
      team members and to enable water suppliers to "test" their emergency response plans before
      an actual incident occurs.

      In addition to the exercises contained on the CD, there are also "train-the-trainer" materials
      aimed at helping users to conduct their own successful tabletop training. Ready-to-go training
      presentations are provided with instructor notes.  The presentations (which can be user-
      modified) include:
                                      1) Background, Purpose, and Value of Exercises;
                                      2) How to Set-up for an Enhanced Tabletop Exercise;
                                      3) How to Conduct an Enhanced Tabletop Exercise;
                                      4) How to Conduct an After Action Review;
                                      5) the Incident Command System;
                                      6) the National Incident Management System;
                                      7) the Response Protocol Toolbox; and
                                      8) the National Response Plan.

                                      To get a copy of the tabletop exercise CD, visit EPA's
                                      website at http://www.epa.gov/watersecurity and look
                                      under "Tools and Technical Assistance." To find out
                                      more information about a free, EPA sponsored, 1-day
                                      regional CD training seminar in your area, please click
                                      on or visit www.horsleywitten.com/ttt.