SmartWaXT      SmartWay Innovative Financing
Transport Partnership        Program for the Trucking Industry
       For virtually every trucking company, fuel is the
       second largest expense behind labor. Numerous
       technologies are currently available to help these
       companies reduce fuel consumption; however,
       one of the major barriers to their widespread
       adoption is a lack of investment capital.  The
       SmartWay Transportฎ Partnership is establishing
       several innovative financing programs to make
       these technologies more accessible to interested
       trucking companies through SmartWay Upgrade
       Kits. Greater use of these technologies will not
       only reduce fuel consumption and related costs
       to trucking companies, but it will also result in
       reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases
       and other harmful air pollutants.
       The SmartWay Technology Upgrade Kit
             What is the SmartWay
             Transport Partnership? Transport Partnership
             •  Voluntary partnership between the U.S.
                Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
                and the freight industry to improve energy
                efficiency and reduce emissions from
                freight transportation.

             What does the Partnership do?

             •  Encourages trucking companies and
                railroads to adopt technologies that reduce
                fuel consumption and emissions.
             •  Works with freight shippers (such as IKEA,
                Nike,  Lowe's, The Home Depot) to ship
                more  of their freight using trucking
                companies participating in the Partnership.
       SmartWay Upgrade Kits are highly fuel-efficient
       technologies bundled with emission control
       devices. These SmartWay Upgrade Kits create a unique incentive for trucking companies to retrofit their
       trucks because the monthly fuel savings generally exceed the monthly loan payments.  Fleet owners save
       money immediately. Fleet owners can compare the costs and estimate the fuel savings associated with
       various efficiency technologies by using the SmartWay Technology Package Savings Calculator, visit  The following table shows how the individual
       components of the SmartWay Upgrade Kits can benefit the company and the environment.
         Idle Reduction Device - Bunk Heater
           (Monthly Fuel
                                                                      nthly Loan
                    . ayment
                     9% for 48
           Net Monthly
         Idle Reduction Device -Auxiliary
         Power Unit (APU)
        Aluminum Wheels for Single Wide
        Trailer Aerodynamics
        Exhaust Aftertreatment Device -
        Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
  $0 (20-50% PM
 emission reduction)
        Exhaust Aftertreatment Device -
        Particulate Matter (PM) Filter
$0 (90% PM emission
          Equipment cost may vary depending on vendor, equipment specifications, quantities purchased, etc.
         2 Monthly fuel savings are estimated for a long-haul truck using 16,667 gallons of diesel per year and idling 1,200
         hours per year for bunk heaters, and 2,400 hours per year for APUs.  Fuel cost is $2.75/gallon.
          U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Office of Transportation & Air Quality • SmartWay Transport* Partnership
                      NVFEL • 2000 Traverwood Dr. • Ann Arbor Ml 48105 • (734) 214-4767 •
                                          EPA420-F-06-016 February 2006

SmartWay Upgrade Kits that include an idling reduction device, exhaust aftertreatment device, tractor
and/or trailer aerodynamics, and low rolling resistance duals or single wide tires may improve fuel
economy up to 20%, reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) up to 20%, and reduce particulate matter (PM) up
to 90%. Upgrade Kits purchased by trucking companies can be customized to the specific needs of the
company. The following table provides some possible SmartWay Upgrade Kit options.
Possible SmartWay Upgrade
Kit Options
Heater, Tires, Aero, DOC
APU, Tires, Aero, DOC
Heater, Tires, Aero, PM Filter

Monthly Loan
48 months
Net Monthly
                                                           A SmartWay partner using single wide tires.
For additional idle reduction technologies, visit  For
a list of exhaust aftertreatment devices, visit

Financing Options

SmartWay is exploring a number of options to help trucking
companies reduce their fuel consumption and costs and make
funds available for the purchase of SmartWay Upgrade Kits.
These options include state loan  programs and national loan

State Loan Programs:
    •  Some states have existing loan programs through their
       small business or environmental offices that may be
       able to finance SmartWay Upgrade Kits.
    •  These loan programs are often offered with terms that are more attractive than currently available
       commercial loans (e.g., low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms).
    •  SmartWay has partnered with loan programs in Arkansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to offer
       SmartWay Upgrade Kits  and is working to partner with additional states.
    •  SmartWay is working with Cascade  Sierra Solutions, a non-profit organization headquartered in
       Coburg, Oregon, to implement a loan program for upgrading trucks that travel along the I-5
       Corridor (from Washington to California).

National Loan Programs:
    •  Commercial banks or other organizations could develop programs aimed at providing capital to
       trucking companies for the purchase of fuel saving and emission reduction devices.
    •  Programs could be nationally available and offer below-market rates or preferred terms for
       trucking companies.

If You Would Like to Learn More

Please contact: Annie Kee, 202-343-9218,

Information about SmartWay can be found on the program website:
   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Office of Transportation & Air Quality • SmartWay Transport* Partnership
               NVFEL • 2000 Traverwood Dr. • Ann Arbor Ml 48105 • (734) 214-4767 •
                                    EPA420-F-06-016 February 2006