About WaterSense
  WaterSense is a partnership program
  sponsored by the U.S. Environmental
  Protection Agency (EPA). Its mission
  is to protect the future of our
  nation's water  supply by promoting
  and enhancing the market for water-
  efficient products and programs.
Consumers can easily recognize
water-efficient products with the
WaterSense label. WaterSense
labeled products:

•  Offer equivalent or superior performance.
•  Are about 20 percent more water-efficient than
  the average product in the same category.
•  Are independently certified by a licensed certify-
  ing body to confirm that the products meet
  EPA criteria for efficiency and performance.
•  Will result in tangible savings for both
  consumers and utilities.

"Having promotional materials
available through WaterSense
is convenient and saves us
time and money."

—Julie Frazier, Butler County Department
  of Environmental Services, Ohio
  A National Brand
  for Local  Results
                                                  (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367)
                                          www.epa.gov/watersense  watersense@epa.gov
                                             Recycled/Recyclable—Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Ink
                                                 100% Process Chlorine Free Recycled Paper.

Why Partner With WaterSense?
Water. It's in high demand and short supply in
many markets. Faced with population increase,
supply issues, aging infrastructure, climate
change, and consumer waste, you know it's
time to amplify your water-efficiency outreach

Using water more efficiently makes sense for
consumers, communities, and the environment.
Water-efficiency measures, as part of broader
conservation efforts, can help reduce water and
wastewater infrastructure costs and conserve
resources for future generations.

WaterSense understands these goals. That's why
EPA developed a credible, national brand with a
strong and consistent water-efficiency message.
Working together, we can promote the value  of
water and help consumers and organizations
make smart choices regarding water use and
water-using products.
                                                               aterSense  offers people a  simple  way  to  make
                                                               product  choices  that  use  less  water-with  no
                                                               sacrifice  to  quality  or product performance.
What Are the Benefits?
As a WaterSense partner, you will receive the
following benefits:

A National Water-Efficiency Brand
•  Get more than just a product label—get a
   symbol that represents the importance of
   water efficiency in the United States.
•  Reduce research costs and increase confi-
   dence by promoting water-efficient products
   that meet or exceed WaterSense performance
•  Take advantage of consistent national
   messaging to more clearly educate water

Ready-to-Go Outreach Materials
•  Customize promotional items, including
   magnets and stickers, with your logo/brand.
•  Utilize collateral and media materials, includ-
   ing public service announcements, fact
   sheets, brochures, press releases, and  letters
   to the editor.
•  Tailor WaterSense bill stuffers with the water-
   efficiency message for utility customers.
"WaterSense adds consistency with products, messaging, and marketing and
provides utilities with identical criteria to ensure a clear and concise message
is conveyed to customers."
—Al Dietemann, Seattle Public Utilities, Washington
Recognition as a Leader in Water Efficiency
•  Distinguish your organization from others
   with the WaterSense partner logo.
•  Be recognized by EPA as an environmental
•  Get listed on the WaterSense Web site and
   in other program materials.

Membership in a National Network
•  Network with your peers and share success
•  Participate in forums and receive regular
   program news and updates.
  Become a WaterSense Partner
  Visit  and
  click into the Promotional Partners page
  where you will find the Partnership
  Agreement and Promotional Partner
  Checklist. Simply follow
  the online instructions
  to complete and sub-
  mit these forms.
  For more information, please contact
  the WaterSense Helpline at:

  (866JWTR-SENS (987-7367)