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                                  How to Verify Components for SmartWay
    Sum may of SmartWay
       Tractor ft Trailer
                               EPA SmartWay  Interim Test Method
                               The EPA SmartWay interim test method assesses the fuel consumption
                               impact of fuel-saving truck components to determine eligibility for inclusion
                               in SmartWay.
    U.S. Environmental Protection
    Agency Certified SmartWay trac-
    tors and trailers are a new genera-
with cleaner, fuel-saving
features. SmartWay tractors and
trailers can achieve fuel savings
of 10 to 20 percent (saving car-
riers between 1,700 and 3,300
gallons of diesel fuel annually),
lower greenhouse-gas emissions,
and significantly reduce oxides of
nitrogen, particulate matter, and
other air pollutants.

This document describes how to
verify components for SmartWay
using the SAE JI32I test proce-

                               SmartWay Specification

                                                                           US EPA Certified
                                  SmartWay is a service mark of the US EPA,
                                  designating the cleanest, most fuel efficient
                                  passenger vehicles. For commercial trucks,
                                  the SmartWay specification is currently available only for class 8
                                  combination tractor-trailer trucks used  in line haul service.  These trucks
                                  typically use the most fuel of any type  of heavy duty truck, because they
                                  drive the longest distances.

                                  SmartWay Tractor-Trailer Designation
                                                                                US EPA Certified

                                                                                 US EPA Certified
                                                                                ^ SmartWay
EPA, working with its SmartWay partners,
identified a suite of vehicle designs and equip-
ment that, taken together, can reduce the fuel
consumption of a class 8 line haul combination
tractor-trailer truck by 10% - 20%, relative to a
truck not equipped with these features. Tractors
and trailers equipped with these specifications and
new cleaner engines are eligible to be designated as "SmartWay."
Components and features that make up a SmartWay truck are not
"SmartWay" since the SmartWay designation applies only to vehicles.
However, components including aerodynamic trailer fairings can be
evaluated to verify that the fuel savings meets the requirements of the
SmartWay tractor-trailer specification.

Existing Test Methods

Existing fuel economy test methods for evaluating truck components do
not specify test route or conditions. For the purposes of SmartWay, this
interim test procedure modifies a well-accepted  industry test, the Joint
TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure - Type II (SAE J1321
Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice (October, 1986), with provisions
that ensure the results apply to equipment used on the type of truck
covered by the current SmartWay designation: a class 8 combination
tractor-trailer truck.

Components Evaluated by This Method

For SmartWay purposes, this interim test method is intended to evaluate
equipment for class 8 tractors and dry van trailers.  EPA is developing a
   SmartWay Transport |  EPA-420-F-09-044 | www.epa.gov/smartway | 734-214-4767 |  smartway_transport@epa.gov

more comprehensive truck emissions test which, when
completed, will supersede the interim method. A draft of
this more comprehensive truck emissions test, entitled
the Smart Way Fuel Efficiency Test Protocol for Medium-
and Heavy-Duty Vehicles: Working Draft (420-P-07-003),
is available at:
 http://www.epa.gov/Sma rtwavlog istics/transport//docu-

EPA's more comprehensive truck emissions test, when
complete, will potentially cover a wider range of truck
types, applications and components.
Testing Costs

The manufacturer bears all test costs.

EPA SmartWay Requirements

EPA needs a copy of the test results and a statement
from the product manufacturer and the test facility that it
was a valid SAE J1321 test, and that the additional provi-
sions reguired by EPA were met.  EPA reserves the right
to review all original test data and test reports, includ-
ing records of ambient weather conditions. EPA further
reserves the right to determine that the test was valid -
e.g., conducted properly, by a credible test facility, in ac-
cordance with all the stated reguirements, and consistent
with good engineering judgment.
Contact EPA
Interested organizations should contact SmartWay prior
to testing.

To contact EPA,

   send an e-mail to: SmartWav-tech@epa.gov
   telephone the SmartWay Transport Partnership Call
   Center at (734) 214-4767
   write to SmartWay Transport Partnership, US EPA,
   2000 Traverwood, Ann Arbor, Ml 48105.

If you have questions regarding SmatWay Certified
Tractors and Trailers or SmartWay verified technologies,
contact the SmartWay Technology Team at:
    SmartWay Transport |  EPA^120-F-09-044 | www.epa.gov/smartway |  734-214-4767 |  smartway_transport@epa.gov