United States
    Environmental Protection
      12  Steps  to Arsenic Compliance

        and Helpful Resources for Public Water Systems

1.    Monitor arsenic concentration at each entry point to the distribution system.
     n Quick Reference Guide to the Arsenic Rule (#816-F-01 -004)
     n EPA's Interactive Sampling Guide CD (#816-C-06-001)

2.    Determine compliance status.
     n  Complying with the Revised Drinking Water Standard for Arsenic (#816-R-02-008A)

3.    Determine if a non-treatment mitigation strategy can be implemented.
     n Arsenic Virtual Trade Show (http://www.arsenictradeshow.org/learn.aspx)

4.    Measure water quality parameters.
     n Arsenic Treatment Technology Showcase DVD (#816-C-05-005)

5.    Determine the treatment evaluation criteria.
     n Arsenic Treatment Technology Handbook for Small Systems (#816-R-03-014)

6.    Select a mitigation strategy using the decision trees.
     n Arsenic Mitigation Decision Trees (http://www.arsenictradeshow.org/decide.aspx)

7.    Estimate planning-level capital and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.
     n EPA's costing program (http://www.epa.gov/ORD/NRMRL/arsenic/ARCE.xls)
     n Treatment Technology Demonstration Program, Capital Costs, Round 1

8.    Evaluate design considerations for the mitigation strategy.
     n Design Manuals (http://www.epa.gov/ORD/NRMRL/arsenic/resource.htm)

9.    Pilot the mitigation strategy.
     n Interactive Workshop on Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water (#625-C-05-004)

10.   Develop a construction-level cost estimate and plan.
     n Sources of Technical and Financial Assistance for Small Systems (#816-K-02-005)
     n Using the DWSRF to Comply with the New Arsenic Rule (#816-F-02-004)

11.   Implement the mitigation strategy.
     n Evaluating Arsenic Treatment Providers (#816-8-05-008)
     n Preventive Maintenance File for  Small Public Water Systems (EPA #816-8-04-002)

12.   Continue to  monitor arsenic concentration at each entry point to ensure compliance.
     n  Small Entity Compliance Guide  Worksheets (#816-R-02-008B)
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