aterSense", a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental
            Protection Agency, is dedicated to improving national water
            efficiency. This voluntary, public-private partnership program
 seeks to help homeowners and businesses improve water efficiency and
 reduce costs by promoting efficient irrigation technologies, as well as
 water-efficient products for the home and garden.
                  Having a beautiful landscape doesn't have to mean wasting water
                  or money. WaterSense aims to take some of the guesswork out of
                  watering your yard by making it easy to find water-efficient tech-
                  nologies and services. As part of this goal, WaterSense recognizes
                  professional certification programs that advance water-efficient irri-
                  gation techniques and practices.
WaterSense makes it easy to find water-efficient
products and services. If you're looking for an
irrigation system designer, installation/maintenance
specialist, and or auditor for your landscape water-
ing system, ask if he or she is a WaterSense partner,
to ensure he or she has received instruction and
testing on water-efficient techniques and practices.

Individuals who have successfully completed WaterSense
labeled certification programs must demonstrate profession-
al competency in water-efficient irrigation practices.
WaterSense labeled certification programs:

•   Verify professional proficiency in water-efficient irrigation
   system design, performance audits, and installation and

•   Test designers, installation/maintenance professionals,
   and/or auditors on their water efficiency knowledge
   through examinations.
   Certify only experienced irrigation
   system designers and installation/
   maintenance professionals.

   Require independent oversight.
   Require that professionals periodically
   renew their certification to demonstrate awareness of
   recent technology and innovations.

Consulting an irrigation professional certified through a
WaterSense labeled program can save water, time, and
money. Ask your irrigation professional about the types of
water-saving technology, such as weather-based irrigation
controllers and moisture sensors, available for your outdoor
watering system. Even more important, conducting regular
checks and maintenance of your system will ensure ongoing
water efficiency. A certified irrigation professional with
proven knowledge of water-efficient technologies and prac-
tices can help you design, test, and maintain an effective
watering system for your yard and garden.

     Don't let an  inefficient irrigation  system
     control  your water  bill!

     Did you know that 30 percent of the water used by the average American household is
     devoted to outdoor water use? And in some parts of the country, homeowners use as much
     as 70 percent of their water outdoors. Some experts estimate that more than 50 percent of
     landscape water use goes to waste due to evaporation or runoff caused by overwatering!

     Following are some simple tips for homeowners to reduce their outdoor water use
        Using weather-based irrigation schedul-
        ing on a moderate-sized yard can save
        up to 37 gallons of water per day.

        The best time to water your yard is early
        morning, when winds are calm and tem-
        peratures are cool.
        Grass doesn't need to be watered every
        day; make sure your lawn really needs it
        before irrigating. If you can stick a screw-
        driver into your lawn easily—don't water!
Irrigation system maintenance varies
depending on the system, but it is
always a good idea to inspect your sys-
tem monthly to prevent leaks, broken or
clogged heads, and other problems.

Using native plants that are adapted to
your climate and require less watering
can reduce outdoor water use by 20 to
50 percent.
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