Freauentlv Filled Decimations
      Environmental Scientist
      Environmental Engineer
        Chemical Engineer
Environmental Protection Specialist
        Computer Scientist
          Policy Analyst
         Program Analyst

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 generations to come.
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                                September 2005


Who  Are   We?

EPA's Office of Water employs a diverse group of
professionals in a variety of career disciplines.
We restore, protect, and preserve the nation's
waters as:

  %• Healthy, sustainable ecological systems.
  •#• Recreational resources.
  ^ Sources of food and drinking water.
What   Do  We   Do?

•Jft Protect over 3 million miles of rivers and
  streams; over 40 million acres of lakes; over
  87,000 square miles of estuaries; 95,000 miles
  of coastal waters; and marine waters.

•Jft Develop national programs, policies, and
  regulations relating to drinking water,
  water quality, groundwater, and water

•Jft Develop criteria and standards for evaluating
  water quality.

•#• Lead, support, and evaluate regional,
  state and tribal water activities.

•$• Provide technical assistance and technology
  transfer programs.

•Jft Offer training in water quality, economic,
  and long-term environmental analysis.
 The Office of Water is a great place to
 work and build a career! The work is:

   • Satisfying: employees know their contributions
    make a difference in public health and
    environmental protection, and directly support
    EPA's mission.

   •Friendly:employees are energetic, collegia!,
    and enthusiastic about working here.

   • Involved: employees can  participate in the
    greater community through public meetings,
    interactions with interested individuals and
    groups, and community involvement programs.

   • Challenging: motivated employees enjoy a
    supportive atmosphere for career advancement
    with training and professional development,
    especially through the Water Careers Program.

   •Flexible: employees have a variety of work-place
    options, including compressed work week, an
    alternative to the 8-hour day schedule; flexi-
    ploce, the opportunity to tele-commute from
    home or from local office space; and port-time
    schedules, for students, parents, or others
    interested in a greater work-life balance.

/ I am especially proud of the dedication and caliber of the Office \
  of Water's employees. They have a commitment to innovative
  and collaborative approaches that  advance the goals of clean
  and safe water, as well as healthy communities and ecosystems.
  Without the high level of professionalism I witness daily, we
  would be unable to protect, restore and conserve our Nation's
  waters and wetlands.
  - Benjamin H. Grumbles
^ Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water
What's a typical  day like?
The Office of Water is a highly interactive
environment, where you can expect to work on a
variety of challenging environmental projects. You
are likely to spend your time working on teams
consisting of colleagues with diverse expertise as
well as working independently. You will also work
with committed colleagues from other parts of EPA
and stakeholders.

What  is my salary likely to be?
EPA career employees are part of the General
Schedule, and the GS level for new employees is
determined by a combination of your education and
experience. See the "Links for Career Opportunities"
section of our web site for more information:

What  kinds of benefits can I expect?
EPA offers a comprehensive benefit package,
including a selection of fee-for-service and HMO
health benefits; Federal Employee's  Group Life
Insurance; sick and annual leave; ten paid holidays a
year; a comprehensive retirement package;
transportation subsidies; and fitness and
recreational facilities. Visit the web  page:

How do I find a job in the
Office of Water?
Visit our web page www.epo.gov/ow/coreers to find
general information, browse vacancies, and apply for
jobs. The site has answers to frequently asked
questions, and a how-to and tips for completing the
application process.