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May 2000
Brownfields  Cleanup
Revolving  Loan   Fund   Pilot
  Coalition: The State of Maryland, Baltimore County,
                                and Prince George's County
Outreach and Special Projects Staff (5105)
                                                 Quick Reference Fact Sheet
EPA's Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative is designed to empower states, communities, and other stakeholders
in economic redevelopment to work together in a timely manner to prevent, assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse
brownfields. A brownfield is a site, or portion thereof, that has actual or perceived contamination and an active potential for
redevelopment or reuse. EPA is funding: assessment demonstration pilot programs (each funded up to $200,000 over two
years), to assess brownfields sites and to test cleanup and redevelopment models; job training pilot programs (each funded
up to $200,000 over two years), to provide training for residents of communities affected by brownfields to facilitate cleanup
of brownfields sites and prepare trainees for future employment in the environmental field; and, cleanup revolving loan fund
programs (each funded up to $500,000 over five years) to capitalize loan funds to make loans for the environmental cleanup
of brownfields. These pilot programs are intended to provide EPA, states, tribes, municipalities, and communities with useful
information and strategies as  they continue to seek new methods to promote  a unified approach  to site assessment,
environmental cleanup, and redevelopment.

The Maryland BCRLF is a coalition with Baltimore
County and Prince George's County. Within Baltimore
County,  target areas  include the Eastern Baltimore
County   Revitalization  Area,  the  Southwest
Revitalization Area, and the County's 12 designated
Commercial Revitalization Districts. Large sections of
the County have experienced intensive heavy industrial
activity over the past century. Much of the industrial
property is in State-designated enterprise zones. The
Prince George's County pilot area includes two sites
(one in  Hampton  Industrial Park and another  in
Bladensburg) inside the  Capital Beltway and other
potential sites in the Prince George's County Enterprise
Zone (PGCEZ). The site in Hampton Industrial Park
adjoins an area with an 11 percent poverty rate. The site
in Bladensburg is  near an area with  an 8 percent
poverty rate.  The PGCEZ area also has an 8 percent
poverty rate.


The BCRLF Pilot will advance the State of Maryland's,
the Baltimore County and the Prince George's County
goals to remove hazardous substances, reduce barriers
to brownfields redevelopment, and provide economic
                          PILOT SNAPSHOT
                                              Date of Announcement:
                                              May 2000

                                              Amount: $1,000,000

                                              BCRLF Target Area: Baltimore
                                              County and Prince George's
                                              Coalition: The State of Mary/and,
                          Baltimore County, and Prince George's County

                          Maryland Department
                          of the Environment
 Region 3 BCRLF
                                Visit the EPA Region 3 Brownfields web site at:

                             For further information, including specific Pilot contacts,
                           additional Pilot information, brownfields news and events, and
                           publications and links, visit the EPA Brownfields web site at:

stimulation of distressed areas. Intended outcomes of
BCRLF implementation include business and job
creation, an increase in the tax base,  and aesthetic


The   Maryland  Department  of the  Environment
Voluntary Cleanup Program (MDEVCP) will serve as
lead agency. Site manager responsibilities also will be
fulfilled by MDEVCP. The MDE Waste Management
Administration's Office of Administrative Services will
serve  as fund manager.


Maryland's BCRLF will be used in coordination with
a variety of funding programs including Baltimore
County's  High Technology Loan  Fund,  Business
Improvement Loan Program, and Small Business Loan
Fund; Maryland's Brownfield Revitalization Incentive
Fund;  US  Department  of  Housing  and  Urban
Development Community Development Block Grant
funds;  State Enterprise  Zone tax  credits;  State
Workforce Training  grants; County revitalization tax
credits and loan funds; local real estate property tax
abatements; and private funding from local financial
institutions.   The structure of the  BCRLF will  be
compatible with the Maryland Clean Water Revolving
Fund.  To further leverage the BCRLF, the State and
counties will  provide additional needed program
Use of BCRLF Pilot funds must be in accordance with
CERCLA, and all CERCLA restrictions on use of funding
also apply to BCRLF funds.
Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilot                                                     State of Maryland
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