Residential   Recycling
                           Program  Changes
          With tightening program budgets, municipal recycling program managers face the chal-
          lenge of maintaining or even expanding programs with fewer resources.To help local
          governments analyze their current recycling program costs and test the effect of chang-
ing some aspects of the program on the overall program bottom line, EPA developed the
Residential Recycling Program CalculatorThe calculator will help answer "what if "questions such as:

  What is the cost per ton of collecting and processing recyclables in your community?
  How would program costs change by adjusting collection frequency or collecting a new
  Would your recycling program be more cost effective if program participation increased?
   EPA Calculator for Residential Bec^clino ProQrams
The Residential Recycling Program Calculator asks
for basic information about the community and its
current solid waste and recycling programs. After enter-
ing community-specific data and running the calcula-
tor users get summary statistics about their current
programs. By adjusting one or more of the variables
and re-running the calculator; program managers can
see  how program costs and other factors change.
This tool allows users to test different scenarios and
offers side-by-side comparisons of results. Cost
changes associated with solid waste pickup versus
recycling, as well as total net costs, are estimated.

To learn how the calculator can help you with your program planning, visit EPA'sTools for Local
Government Recycling Programs Web site at . Explore
additional resources, such as advice for improving recycling program economics by fine-tuning
recycling collection and processing contracts; success stories; and ready-to-use outreach  materials.
The Residential Recycling Program Calculator and the entire Tools for Local Government
Recycling Programs Web site will help municipalities recognize and adapt to the difficult  landscape
recycling programs operate in today.
                                                                         August 2007