Fact Sheet for  Teachers:
                                      What to  Say to Children
                                         bout PCBs
he dangers of the chemicals known as PCBs (polychlori-
nated biphenyls) in caulk need to be shared with children to
encourage proper precautions.
Tell the Story
In simple terms, go step by step through why caulk is harmful to

An example follows:
A long time ago when this building was made, the builders used
white material with chemicals in it to put in the windows and
walls. These chemicals can make you sick. The stuff that's bad
for you is in the white parts around the windows and doors (show
without touching it yourself). You should not touch these. If you
accidentally touch the white stuff, you  need to wash your hands
right away. This is one reason why we always wash our hands
before we eat food.

The story should be repeated at least  one other time within the
week of the first presentation. Prompt the children to ask
questions or even retell the story in their own words. This will
help reinforce its importance.
How are people exposed to PCBs?
Most people have some accumulation of PCBs in their bodies.
When products containing PCBs are disposed of improperly, the
chemicals can enter waterways and contaminate fish and other
animals. So, food is how most people are exposed. Fish, meats,
and dairy contain small amounts of PCBs. People can also be
affected by PCBs when handling products containing them;
people whose workplaces and jobs involve working with  PCB-
laden objects or in PCS cleanup are at the highest risk for
elevated exposure.  More recently, indoor air has been found to
contain PCBs from some types of caulk in building materials.

Distribute Coloring Exercise
Attached is a picture of the average classroom.  Instruct  the
students to read the directions and color in the scene, ensuring
that the students color all locations of where caulk may be found
in RED.


Call EPA's PCBs in Caulk Hotline: 888-835-5372 to learn more
about PCBs in caulk and to get information on PCS specialist
professionals in your area.