Frequently  Asked  Questions
           A/VaterSense®  Certification  and Labeling  of
     High-Efficiency (Bathroom  Sink)  Lavatory Faucets
    How does my high-efficiency
    lavatory  faucet or faucet accessory
    earn the WaterSense label?

    If your company is not already a WaterSense manu-
    facturer partner, the first step toward obtaining the
    WaterSense label is to enter into a partnership
    agreement with EPA. A copy of the manufacturer
    partnership agreement can be found on the
    WaterSense Web site at www.epa.gov/watersense.
    Under the partnership agreement, you have 12
    months to obtain certification for a product that
    conforms to the WaterSense High-Efficiency
    Lavatory Faucet Specification. If you are already a
    manufacturer partner that has qualified under a dif-
    ferent product specification (e.g., WaterSense High-
    Efficiency Tank-Type Toilets), you do not need to
    sign another partnership agreement.

    The second step is to have your product certified for
    conformance to the WaterSense High-Efficiency
    Lavatory Faucet Specification by a licensed product
    certifying body that has  been approved for that
    purpose by EPA. A list of product certifying bodies
    approved to certify high-efficiency lavatory faucets
    and accessories to EPA's specification can be found
    on the WaterSense Web site at www.epa.gov/

    How do 1 submit my product to a
    licensed  product certifying body?

    Contact the licensed product certifying body of
    your choice directly and  follow its application pro-
    cedures. Upon product certification, please notify
                          EPA directly by submitting a WaterSense product
                          notification form, which is available on the
                          WaterSense Web site, [add link to form]

                          Can 1  use a WaterSense labeled
                          high-efficiency lavatory faucet
                          accessory to  meet the flow
                          rate criteria contained in the
                          specification?  Does my faucet
                          still need to  be tested?

                          A lavatory faucet is considered to meet the flow rate
                          requirement contained in the specification if it is
                          equipped with a lavatory faucet accessory that
                          meets the flow rate requirement. In this case, it is
                          up to the discretion of the licensed product certify-
                          ing body to determine whether the entire faucet
                          needs to be tested. EPA anticipates that in most
                          cases, further testing may not be necessary. The
                          licensed product certifying body may still conduct a
                          review and may require you to produce specifica-
                          tion evidence that you are using a  high-efficiency
                          lavatory faucet accessory that meets the specifica-
                          tion criteria. All high-efficiency lavatory faucets,
                          regardless of whether the entire faucet is tested or
                          just the faucet accessory, must be evaluated, certi-
                          fied, and listed by a licensed product certifying
                          body in order to be WaterSense labeled and listed
                          on EPA's WaterSense Web registry.
September 2007
(866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) • www.epa.gov/watersense • watersense@epa.gov
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What criteria must  a licensed
product certifying body meet in
order to  certify products?

Initially, EPA will approve a product certifying body
to certify products and authorize the use of the
WaterSense label, provided it meets each of the fol-
lowing criteria:

•   Shall demonstrate that it is accredited by ANSI in
    accordance with ISO/IEC  Guide 65, General
    requirements for bodies operating product certi-
    fication systems;
•   Shall have plumbing products or other product
    categories directly related to WaterSense specifi-
    cations included in its scope of accreditation;
•   Shall declare that the laboratories used by the
    product certification body have the competence
    and capability to conduct tests in accordance
    with relevant WaterSense specifications;
•   Shall declare that it has the technical expertise
    required in the evaluation of relevant
    WaterSense  products;
•   Shall declare that its ongoing surveillance
    requirements for WaterSense labeled products
    will be equivalent to current surveillance
    requirements for the certification of similar prod-
•   Shall indicate which WaterSense specification(s)
    are relevant to its current ANSI accredited scope;
•   Shall sign a licensing agreement with EPA relat-
    ed to the conditions for authorizing the use of
    the WaterSense label.

Who authorizes the use of the
WaterSense label?

Product certifying bodies licensed by EPA to certify
high-efficiency lavatory faucets to the WaterSense
specification will authorize the use of the
WaterSense label in accordance with EPA require-
ments. This means that the licensed product certify-
ing body will provide you with the WaterSense label
graphic artwork and usage guidelines. Use of the
WaterSense label must be in accordance with the
WaterSense label guidelines and should never occur
before product certification is complete.

How much will product
certification  cost?

The cost structure for product certification is deter-
mined by the licensed product certifying bodies. EPA
anticipates that the testing fee and cost for certifica-
tion of high-efficiency lavatory faucets, which may
include opening a certification file or adding models
to an existing file, will be in line with the current cost
structure for faucet certification by an accredited
product certifying body.

How long  will certification take?

The exact process and timing will be determined by
the licensed product certifying body conducting the
certification. Product certifying bodies recognize
that time to market is an important consideration
and will compete for a manufacturer's business  in
this area. EPA anticipates that the time to achieve
product certification to WaterSense specifications
will be similar to the time it takes to get plumbing
products certified to American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME) or other relevant standards.

How will EPA know my product
has  been certified?

Licensed product certifying bodies are required to
maintain a listing of all products they certify on  their
respective organization Web sites. They will periodi-
cally submit an updated list to EPA so the
WaterSense Web registry remains as current as possi-
ble. However, manufacturers should also use the
WaterSense product notification form available  on
the WaterSense Web site to notify EPA when each
model is certified to the WaterSense specification.
This process will ensure that EPA has the most cur-
rent list of certified products possible on the
WaterSense Web site.

How will consumers know my
product has been certified?

Only products certified to WaterSense specifications
are allowed to bear the WaterSense label, and EPA
provides a labeling tool kit for manufacturers to use
in marketing their labeled products. In addition, EPA
will maintain a master list of certified WaterSense
products on the WaterSense Web site. Promptly
sending your product notification form to EPA
speeds this process.

How does  EPA maintain  the
integrity of the label?

EPA maintains the integrity of the WaterSense label
through several mechanisms:

•  Through the independent third-party certifica-
   tion process, the licensed product certifying
   bodies provide surveillance for the proper use of
   the WaterSense  label for the products that they
   certify—typically through periodic store audits
   or warehouse inspections.
•  WaterSense encourages its partners to be vigi-
   lant and report any suspected label misuse
   issues to EPA. If you see a product you believe to
   be improperly labeled, please contact the
   WaterSense helpline at (866) WTR-SENS (987-
   7367), or e-mail  watersense@epa.gov.
•  WaterSense encourages partners to submit pre-
   press and Web materials. EPA provides prompt
   review and ensures that the use of the label is
   consistent with WaterSense guidelines.
•  WaterSense conducts periodic reviews of part-
   ner Web sites to ensure that the label is used
•  WaterSense conducts periodic Google image
   searches to detect misuse of the label by non-

When label misuse occurs by a WaterSense partner,
EPA contacts the relevant licensed product certifying
body who  handles necessary corrective actions. If a
non-partner misuses the label, EPA engages in cor-
rective action directly with the infringing party. In all
instances, EPA strives to resolve matters quickly and
fairly in order to preserve public confidence in the
WaterSense program.