Rural Water Association Assists Subdivision Committee


   Location: Hidden Valley Lake is a subdivision of 7,500 located in Lake County,

   Water Supply: Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (HVLCSD or CSD) is the
   Public Water Supply (PWS) for Hidden Valley Lake. It uses ground water.

   The district has added a new well in the past two years, due to a collapsed casing. The
   new well was drilled approximately 20 feet from the old well.

   Source Water Assessment: This source water protection plan was completed in
   December 2002, in advance of the source water assessment.

   Priority Contamination Threats

   Major threats to the town's water supplies include abandoned wells, above ground fuel
   tanks and storage tanks, agricultural wells, airports, cement plants, Concentrated Animal
   Feeding Operations (CAFOs),  engine repair facilities, farms,  ranches, orchards, bus
   fleets and terminals, gas stations, golf courses,  gravel mining, high density septic
   systems, historic landfills and waste water ponds, parks and  maintenance facilities,
   pesticide applicators: agricultural, RV campgrounds, and RV and vehicle storage.

   Local Team and Developing the Protection Plan

   The Hidden Valley Lake Steering Committee developed the source water protection plan
   in cooperation with the California Rural Water Association, an affiliate of the National
   Rural Water Association.

   Management Measures

   Hidden Valley Lake CSD continues to maintain  high standards in the quality of drinking
   water provided and in source water protection; they constantly seek innovative
   environmental measures to aid in protecting their drinking water source. As an example
   of their forward-thinking motivation they began a Project of Ecosystem Management
   Delivery of Groundwater to Putah Creek for Summer Flow Enhancement for
   Sustainability of Wldlife Fish and other Aquatic Species in Southeastern Lake County.

   In 2000, the Project won the Statewide Environmental Award from the Association of
   California Water Agencies. In 2004, the CSD won the Watershed Award given by
   California Rural Water Association for their continued work on this project.

   Most recently the CSD has been awarded a grant in the amount of 1.2 million to restore
   the pipeline involved with the Ecosystem Management Delivery of Groundwater to Putah
Office of Water (4606M)                      816F10004                            January 2010

   Creek for Summer Flow Enhancement for Sustainability of Wildlife Fish and other
   Aquatic Species in Southeastern Lake County Project.

   Hidden Valley Lake CSD also continues with other protection measures:

         Work with Lake County Environmental Health Department to draft and enact
          wellhead protection. The wellhead protection ordinance has been discussed with
          Lake County, but not implemented.

         After review of the wellhead protection zone, CSD has filed an application with
          the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to expand its boundaries to
          take in the entire Coyote Valley groundwater basin. All mapping,  utility service
          review and public hearings have been completed, and CSD is waiting for an
          Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to finalize new boundaries.  Primary reason
          listed in LAFCO application was protection of Coyote Valley groundwater basin.

         The district has held numerous public meetings with the general public, Board of
          Supervisors, County planning staff with a focus of Coyote Valley water basin
          protection management.

         CSD educates residents, schools, and businesses of the potential impact of
          storm water runoff on their drinking water sources.

         Outreach initiatives include educating residents of the Hidden Valley Lake
          Association subdivision about storm water runoff issues, through means such  as
          mailings and stenciling storm drains, and educating residents of wellhead
          protection zones about activities that can impact drinking water quality.

         CSD surveys property owners in the wellhead protection zones as to their
          knowledge of abandoned wells in their area. The district has  discussed with
          surrounding property owners the proper well  abandonment procedures.

         The Hidden Valley Lake Source Water Protection Plan will be updated to reflect
          the 2004 construction project which includes: Well 4 replaces Well 1. Tank#1 has
          an additional 500,000 gallon steel tank. Tank#4 has an additional 500,000 gallon
          steel tank.  All pressure zones were re-equipped with new pressure reducing
          stations. All three water booster stations were replaced with  new buildings,
          equipment and SCADA system controls; pump stations were designed and  built
          for subdivision build out.

   Contingency Planning
   Measuring Program Results
Office of Water (4606M)                        816F10004                              January 2010

   For further information, contact:
   Belinda Green
   California Rural Water Association
   1112 I  Street, Suite 200, Sacramento
   CA 95814
   (800) 833-0322
Office of Water (4606M)                        816F10004                               January 2010