City Works with Landowners to Protect Ground Water


   Location: Edgerton is a town of 1,119 located in Pipestone County, Minnesota.

   Water Supply: 1 public water system (ground water), including 1 community water
   system, no non-transient non-community systems, and no transient non-community
   systems. In addition, many Edgerton residences are served by private wells.

   Source Water Assessment: The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) completed a
   source water assessment for Edgerton and distributed it to the public water system and
   the general public.

   Priority Contamination Threats

   The principle contaminant of concern regarding the water supply for the City of Edgerton
   is nitrate nitrogen. The nitrate nitrogen concentration in the water supply exceeds the
   drinking water standard and presents a health risk to children under the age of six

   The entry of disease organisms into the well water is of concern if the chlorination
   equipment used by the City does not operate properly. This is due to the highly sensitive
   nature of the aquifer used by the  City and surrounding agricultural land use which may
   include the application of animal manure.

   Local Team and  Developing the Protection Plan

   The City of Edgerton drafted a wellhead protection plan which was  reviewed and
   approved by the MDH.

   The City is working with surrounding landowners to implement a strategy to reduce
   nitrate levels in the aquifer used by the City and to address future changes in land use
   within the wellhead protection area.

   Management Measures

   The Wellhead Protection Planning Committee functions as the Steering Committee and
   has begun to implement the plan. Members of the Steering Committee include elected
   town officials, the water plant operator, and concerned citizens.

   The City of Edgerton wellhead protection committee has developed a management plan
   to address the contamination sources. The City is currently working with area
   landowners to apply best management practices to reduce contaminant risks.
Office of Water (4606M)                      816F100018                            January 2010

   Contingency Planning
   Measuring Program Results
   For further information, contact:
   Dennis Smit
   City of Edgerton
   Phone: (507) 442-43461
Office of Water (4606M)                     816F100018                           January 2010