Quick Guide: Uninstalling the Conversion Tool

This guide will discuss how to uninstall the EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT). If a version of the Conversion
Tool is already installed, the user must uninstall the existing version of the Tool before  installing a new
version. The document "Quick Guide -- Installing the Conversion Tool.doc" contains instructions on how to
install a new version of the ECT.

Uninstalling the ECT

To  begin  Uninstalling an existing version of the ECT, the user should access the "My Computer" link
available on the Start Menu (see Figure 1J.
Figure 1: "My Computer" link
                            Mozilla Firefox
                          r Microsoft Office Outlook
fcjjj e - texteditor

  J3!| Microsoft Office Word 2007

     Command Prompt

     EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT)

     Microsoft Office Excel 2007
               I  Shortcut to
              ^ sqldeveloper.exe
                                         j My Documents

                                         *\ My Recent Documents

                                        '/ My Pictures

                                        -% My Music
                                                      My Computer
                                                      My Network Places
                                                      Control Panel

                                                   /TV Set Program Access and
                                                   **/ Defaults

                                                      Printers and Faxes
                                                      Help and Support

United Stales
Environmental Protection
                                            February 2010

From the "My Computer" location, the user should look under the "System Tasks" tab on the left side of the
window and select "Add or remove programs" (see Figure 2).
Figure 2: "My Computer" Location
  File   Edit   View   Favorites   Tools  Help
                               Search [^    Folders
 Address  W My Computer
    System Tasks
     J\ View system information
        Add or remove programs"^
        Change a setting
                                  Devices with Removable Storage
                                           DVD-R AM Drive (D:)
        My Network Places
        My Documents
        Control Panel
J, on roseriver.pqa.local\root
                                           g on 'thornton.pqa.local' (G:)
    My Computer
    System Folder
                                           i on 'roseriver.pqa.local\root' (I:)
j on 'hazel.pqa.local' (J:)

On the "Add or Remove Programs" window shown in Figure 3, the user should click on the record for the
EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT) and then press the "Change/Remove" button within the record.
Figure 3: "Add or Remove Programs" Window
     ft Add or Remove Programs
       Add New
      Set Program
      Access and
                   Currently installed programs:
                                       Show updates
Sort by: Name
                       Adobe Reader 9,2

                       Broadcom Gigabit Integrated Controller

                     U Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system

                       CutePDF Writer 2.8
                   liff EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT)

                       Click here for support information.
                       To change this program or remove it from your computer, click
@, FileMaker Pro 7


 Google Chrome

f Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

                                                                Size  210,00MB

                                                                Size    0.48MB

                                                                Size  143.00MB

                                                                Size    0.30MB
         Size  272.00MB

         Size   15,88MB

         Size   67,41MB

         Size   91.04MB

The resulting screen (see Figure 4) prompts the user to "remove the application from this computer" by
clicking "OK." Doing so successfully uninstalls the EMTS Conversion Tool.
Figure 4:  "EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT) Maintenance" Window
             EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT) Maintenance
               EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT)
                 Choose the type of maintenance you need,
                           Restore the application to its prev ous state.
                   ?7   0 Remove the application From this computer,
                                            OK	^  Cancel

Note that uninstalling the ECT will not remove the "WRITE" folder or its contents, located at:
       C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\EMTS Conversion Tool (ECT)