Tips  for  Promoting  Your
Involvement  in  Labs21
       Now THAT YOU'VE BECOME a Labs21 Partner,
       we encourage you to take advantage of
       this important distinction. Choose from a
number of activities to raise awareness about your
project and your involvement in Labs21—both
within and outside of your organization. By pro-
moting your project internally, you can garner
support for your efforts, which may, in turn, act as
a springboard for future sustainable design proj-
ects. Promoting your project externally can help
position your organization as an industry leader
committed to forward-thinking  laboratory design.

Options for Internal Communications
• Give presentations to introduce the Labs21
  partnership to different stakeholders within
  your organization:
  - Educate key project staff (architects, engi-
    neers, EH&S, operations and maintenance)
    about your commitment to sustainable design.
  - Make the case for sustainable design to sen-
    ior level decisionmakers (CEO, CEO,  other
    senior managers) using Labs21 case studies
    as examples.
  - Explain your broader sustainable design
    goals to research staff and other lab users.
• Offer one or more informal lunch meetings
  to introduce your project and allow for ques-
  tions and answers from colleagues.
• Publish articles in your company newsletter—
  both printed and electronic versions—to keep
  the program visible within your organization
  and provide project updates.
• Issue a company-wide e-mail announcement
  to reach a wide audience with news about
  your project.
• Include information on your company's
  Intranet, featuring project updates and photos.
Options for External
•  Issue a press release announcing your desig-
  nation as a Labs21 Partner, perhaps drawing
  from the sample press release on our promo-
  tional CD.
•  Feature the project on your Web site, high-
  lighting your involvement with Labs21 and
  linking to the Labs21 Web site for more infor-
  mation. In turn, Labs21 will provide a page on
  our Web site with details about your project
  and corresponding links.
•  Highlight your involvement with Labs21 in
  your company's annual report, perhaps in
  the Environmental Health & Safety section, as
  a way to reach corporate shareholders.
•  Make a presentation at the Labs21 Annual
  Conference, which serves as an excellent
  forum to inform the laboratory community
  about the innovative nature of your project.
•  Make presentations at other industry confer-
  ences and events.
•  Work with Labs21 to publish a case study or
  best practice about your project and its
  unique sustainable features.
•  Publish an article in an industry journal or