Labs21  General  Guidelines for  Printed
and Electronic  Materials
          We encourage you to use the Labs21
          Partner Identifier (see below) in
          order to promote your organization's
involvement as a Labs21 Partner. To that end,
this CD contains files for your use in printed and
electronic promotional materials. The files
 Black-and-white Labs21 Partner Identifier
  [EPS and TIFF versions]
 Full-color Labs21 Partner Identifier
  [EPS and TIFF versions]
 Web-ready Labs21 Partner Identifier
  [GIF version]

General  Guidelines
In order to maintain the graphic identity of the
Labs21 program, the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy
(DOE) have established the following guidelines for
using the Labs21 Partner Identifier. These guide-
lines apply to all printed and electronic materials:
 The identifier may not be altered, cut apart,
  separated, or otherwise distorted in appearance.
 The identifier and the Labs21 name may never
  be used in conjunction with any product,
  company, or  service that would imply
  endorsement on the part of EPA or DOE.
 The identifier must always stand alone. For
  example, the identifier cannot be incorporated
  into other logo designs.
  In addition, when referring to the Labs21 pro-
gram in text, please refer to the name ONLY in
the following ways:
 Laboratories  for the 21st Century
 Labs21 (no space between "Labs" and "21")
  Please  also note that it is not permissible  to
alter the  fonts, text, colors, or layout of any offi-
cial Labs21  document, logo, or identifier.
For More Information
If you have any questions about the materials
contained on this CD-ROM or how to use them,
please contact ERG, an EPA contractor support-
ing the Labs21 Program, at
  To help maintain a clearinghouse of program
information, Labs21 requests that you send
copies of any newsletter articles, Web pages, or
other promotional materials that you  create using
the Labs21 Partner Identifier to Labs21 c/o ERG,
2300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 350, Arlington, VA
22201. Electronic files can be directed to