The Path From  Trash To  Energy
O Each person in the
   United States generates
   about 4.5 Ibs of waste
   per day or almost one
   ton per year.
                                                                                LANDFILL METHANE
                                                                                OUTREACH PROGRAM
Over 50 percent of this waste is deposited
in municipal solid waste landfills in
communities around the country.
         O Landfill gas is a renewable
            energy source that can be
            collected and used in a
            number of ways, including:
Over time, each pound of waste generates
3-6 cubic feet of landfill gas containing:
-methane—a potent greenhouse gas
-carbon dioxide
-trace amounts of non-methane organic compounds
                                                                        Your community is the big winner
                                                                        gaining cleaner air, improved safety,
                                                                        more jobs, and a local source of
                                                                        renewable energy. Together, LMOP
                                                                        and its partners are saving the earth
                                                                        one landfill at a time.