Tribal NFS Webinar Session 2
                        August 12, 2009
                   1:00-3:00pm Eastern Time
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                 Webinar Dial-in Number: 866-358-1366
                    Conference Code: 202-566-1150
Discuss 319 eligibility requirements and developing or revising NFS assessment and management

1:00-1:10   Introduction
           Facilitator: Tetra Tech

1:10-1:25   Overview of CWA Section 319 Grant Program and Guidelines
           Speaker: Tiffany Eastman, EPA Region 9

1:25-1:45   Treatment in the Same Manner as a State ("TAS")
           Speaker: Rodger Field, EPA Region 5

1:45-2:10   Nonpoint Source Assessment Report and Management Plan Development
           Speaker: Mike Bira, EPA Region 6

2:10-2:25   Tribal Case Study - Developing Eligibility Documents
           Speaker: (To be Determined)

2:25-2:30   Wrap-Up

2:30-3:00   Optional Q&A

  See the Tribal Nonpoint Source Information Web page for information about this Webinar and future