United States
    Environmental Protection
    June 2009
 Definition of Wetlands

The Clean Water Act
defines "wetlands" as:

"Those areas that are
inundated or saturated by
surface or ground water at
a frequency and duration
sufficient to support, and
that under normal
circumstances do support,
a prevalence of vegetation
typically adapted for life in
saturated soil conditions.
Wetlands generally include
swamps, marshes, bogs
and similar areas."
                       I CU

                                      Office of Environmental Programs
                                Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division
                                      EPA Region 3, Philadelphia, PA
EPA and the Army
Corps of Engineers
share wetlands
authority under the
Clean Water Act
404, which
regulates the
discharge of
dredged or fill
material into U.S.
wetlands and

In 2008, Region 3 enforcement actions resulted in 961 acres of
restored or compensated wetlands.
                                        Lead Enforcement Areas

                                    Delaware - all of Sussex County
                                    Pennsylvania - all of Pike, Potter, Elk,
                                    Clearfield and Somerset Counties; parts of
                                    Berks, Lehigh and Monroe Counties
                                    West Virginia - all of Berkeley, Hampshire,
                                    Jefferson and Morgan Counties
                                            Other Team Tasks

                                      Participate in mitigation banking initiatives.
                                      Identify jurisdictional boundaries.
                                      Provide training and assistance.
                                      Develop and conduct educational outreach.
                                      Perform functional assessments.

                                   National Wetlands Helpline 800-832-7828

  http://www.epa.gov/ reg3esdl/wetlands/wetland_enforcement_team.htm