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State Incentives for Achieving  Clean and  Renewable

Energy Development on Contaminated Lands

The development of clean and renewable energy on formerly used land offers many economic and environmental benefits. Combining clean and renewable energy and
contaminated land cleanup incentives can allow investors and communities to create economically viable clean and renewable energy redevelopment projects. This
document provides information about incentives in your state that can be leveraged for clean and renewable energy and development of contaminated land.
                    Incentives for Clean  and  Renewable  Energy
Funding (grants, loans, bonds, etc.)
Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) Funding
Provides grants and loans up to $1 million (some cost share required) for
innovative, advanced energy projects, and for alternative-energy
manufacturing or production businesses. Projects that reuse or redevelop
brownfields and previously developed sites are preferred.

Pennsylvania Energy Harvest Program
Provides grants averaging $200,000 for implementation of clean and
renewable energy technologies that have measurable benefits in terms of
pollution reduction, environmental quality, and reduced energy use.

Metropolitan Edison Company Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF)
www.beef, org/pages/gr. energy, html
Invests in businesses and provides grants and/or loans up to $25,000 from
a $5.7 million fund that promotes the development and use of renewable/
clean energy technologies and sustainable energy businesses.

Penelec SEF of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
Provides loans, grants, financing, and other financial assistance from a
$9.1 million fund that promotes the use of renewable energy.

Sustainable Development Fund  (SDF)
www. trfund. com/sdff
Provides grants averaging $25,000 for projects with a compelling
educational interest; commercial loans ranging from $10,000 to $500,000
to developers with projects in the early stages of redevelopment; and
financing to businesses to adapt clean energy technologies.

West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund
www. wppsef. org/grants. html
Provides grants, commercial loans, equity investment, subordinated debt,
and royalty financing to promote the use of renewable and clean energy.

SEF of Central Eastern Pennsylvania Loan Program
Disburses grants and loans for projects that promote research and invest in
renewable and clean energy technologies and enterprises.

New PA Venture Capital Investment Program
Provides loans to Pennsylvania-focused venture capital companies that
agree to match those funds and make investments in local businesses.

Tax Incentives (abatements, deductions, credits, etc.)
Wind Equipment Property Tax Assessment
Exempts wind turbines and related equipment from property value for tax
assessment purposes.
Technical Assistance and Other Incentives	
Pennsylvania Wind Working Group
Encourages wind projects; stimulates markets for generated wind energy;
and integrates the wind industry with other Pennsylvania industries.

Technology Clearinghouse Open Funding Solicitations
Provides a comprehensive list of current state and federal funding, and
environmental technology verification program solicitation opportunities.

Net Metering	
Requires investor-owned utilities to offer net metering to eligible systems
with capacity up to 5 MW.
                         Quick Facts
  Public Benefit Fund (PBF)                      Yes 0 No D
  Renewable Portfolio Standard                   Yes 0 No D
       18% from alternative sources by 2021
  Net Metering                                  Yes 0 No D
  Interconnection Standards                      Yes 0 No D
              Electric Power Industry Generation by
               Primary Energy Source (EIA, 2006)
     Natural Gas
Hydroelectric        1.3%
Other Renewables   1.1%
Other Gases        0.2%
                       Points of Contact
  PEDA Funding
  Becky Campbell, recampbell@state.pa.us, (717) 772-8959
  Pennsylvania Energy Harvest Program, Wind Equipment Property
  Tax Assessment Exemption
  Kerry Campbell, kcampbell@state.pa.us, (717) 772-5985
  Metropolitan Edison Company SEF
  Richard Mappin, richardm@bccf.org, (610) 685-2223
  Penelec SEF of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
  Mike Kane, mkane2@atlanticbb.net, (814) 536-7741
  SDF, Energy@trfund.com, (215) 574-5800
  West Penn Power SEF, Joel Morrison, jlm9@psu.edu, (814) 865-4802
  SEF of Central Eastern Pennsylvania Loan Program
  Bill Routson, wroutson@TheSEF.org, (610) 264-4440 Ext. 16
  New PA Venture Capital Investment Program
  John Sider, josider@state.pa.us, (717) 720-7447
  All Technical Assistance, see Web sites in text above
  Net Metering, Calvin Birge, cbirge@state.pa.us, (717) 783-1555
Information current as of November 2008; please refer to www.dsireusa.org and the state Web sites
provided, or contact the points of contact identified above for more up to date information.
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                    Incentives for Development of Contaminated  Land
Funding (grants, loans, bonds, etc.)
Technical Assistance
Industrial Sites Reuse Program
Provides loans and grants to municipalities and private entities for site
assessment and remediation of former industrial sites; maximum of
$200,000 for site assessment, or $1 million for remediation per year; all
require a 25% match; loans carry a 2% rate for terms up to five years (for
assessments) or 15 years (for remediation).

Infrastructure Development Program
finder/funding-detail/index. aspx?progld= 26
Provides public and private developers with grants and loans for site
remediation, clearance, and new construction, up to $1.25 million per
project at 3% interest for 15 years. Grants are available for publicly-owned

Business in Our Sites
Offers flexible loans and grants to municipalities and loans to private
developers to create future business growth and attract opportunities
through the acquisition and preparation of key sites for development. $300
million was allotted for this program  in FY04.

Growing Greener
Provides grants to restore watersheds and streams, reclaim mined lands,
and remediate acid mine drainage.

Pennsylvania Infrastructure and Investment Authority
(PENNVEST) Brownfields Loans
Administers loans for the remediation of brownfields that pose a threat to
local ground water or surface water sources (up to 30% of annual funding
capacity). Loans to one municipality may total up to $11 million per project;
average project size is $1.5 million.

Tax Increment Financing (TIP) Guarantee Program
Assists in the development, redevelopment, and revitalization of
brownfields by loaning communities funding to develop blighted areas. A
combination of technical assistance and loan  guarantee assistance
encourages small communities to utilize this program. The amount of loan
guarantees for FY08 forward is $60  million.

Other DEP Grant and Loan Programs
www. dep. state.pa. us/grantscenter/GrantAndLoanPrograms.asp
Offers grant and loan programs for remediating brownfields.
Department of Community and Economic Development
Provides links to an array of economic development programs and incentives
in Pennsylvania that may assist developers interested in clean energy
development or cleaning up contaminated land through the Web site.

DEP Brownfield Action Team
www.depweb.state.pa.us/ocrlgs/cwp/view.asp?A= 1459&Q=517198
Manages and coordinates remediation program development activities,
permitting procedures and funding efforts related to redevelopment
projects through matrix management of both central office and regional
office directors.

Limitations on Liability	
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Offers release from liability for approved cleanups; potentially responsible
parties (PRPs) may participate. Sites remediated under the state Voluntary
Cleanup Program may also satisfy federal requirements under the
Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation  and Liability Act
(CERCLA), Resource Conservation  Recovery Act (RCRA), or Toxic
Substances Control Act (TSCA).
                            Quick Facts
  Limitations on Liability                          Yes 0 No D
  Number of State-Tracked Contaminated Properties:        1,744
  Includes Department of Environment Land Recycling Program Sites in Progress
  Number of EPA CERCLIS Sites:                           547
  Sites identified for potential investigation under the federal Superfund Program
  Number of EPA Brownfields Properties:                    518
  Properties being funded or addressed under the EPA Brownfields Program
  There may be some overlap among the categories listed and sites listed may not
  represent all potentially contaminated sites in Pennsylvania.
                         Points of Contact
   Industrial Sites Reuse Program, Infrastructure Development
   Program, Business in Our Sites
   Brian Eckert, breckert@state.pa.us, (717) 720-1400
   Growing Greener, Other DEP Grant and Loan Programs, PADEP
   Program Limitations of Liability
   Troy Conrad, tconradtt@state.pa.us, (717) 783-7816
   PENNVEST Brownfields Loans
   Paul Marchetti, p.marchetti@state.pa.us, (717) 783-4496
   TIP Guarantee Program
   Brian Deemer, (717)214-5332
   All Technical Assistance
   See Web sites in text above
Information current as of November 2008; please refer to
www.epa.gov/brownfields/pubs/st_res_prog_report.htm and the state Web sites provided,
or contact the points of contact identified above for more up to date information.
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