Abandoned  Coal Mine Areas in Virginia
                                   with  Biorefinery  Facility  Siting Potential
         Biomass Resource

 Metric Tons/Year        Resource Potential

    < 50,000




   > 500,000
                                                         Screening Criteria
                                                         Cumulative crop residues of 330,000 metric tons/year or greater
                                                            within 50 miles (includes residues from: crops; forests; primary
                                                            and secondary mills; and urban wood waste)
                                                         Site size of 50 acres or more
                                                         Distance to graded roads of 3 miles or less
                                                         Distance to rail lines of 8 miles or less

Abandoned Coal Mine Areas
          This map was developed by SRA Internationa/ for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Results are based on site screening criteria
          adapted from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) criteria and GIS data provided by NREL, EPA and the Virginia Department of
          Mines, Minerals and Energy. This map and its associated data are intended to provide a general understanding of the renewable energy potential
          of abandoned coal mine areas in Virginia: additional site specific analysis is required to determine the actual potential of these sites. These sites
          are tracked and monitored by state agencies. For further information, please see the accompanying Data Guidelines document at
          http://www.epa.gov/renewableenergyland/or contact Gaffney.Kristeen@epa.gov or cleanenergy@epa.gov.
                                                                                                         U.S. EPA OSWER
                                                                                                         CENTER FOR PROGRAM ANALYSIS