In early July, new U.S.
 Environmental Protection Agency
 regulations will be in effect in
 all states, regulating the export
 of spent leacfacid batteries

 The new requirements will  apply
 to all U.S. auto battery recyclers
 and brokers that export SLABS,
 as described below:

  Starting on July 7, 2010, export shipments
 of SLABs will be PROHIBITED unless
 the exporter has 1) submitted a written
 notification to EPA and 2) obtained the
 receiving country's consent.

  SLAB exporters are encouraged to
 submit notifications to EPA by early May or
 sooner if possible to avoid potential delays
 to export shipments.

  EPA encourages exporters to allow
 sufficient time for the prospective
 country of import to review the proposed
 shipments. Some countries may receive a
 significant number of SLAB notifications
 and processing delays may occur.

 EPA encourages recyclers and brokers to
 begin the notification process as soon as
 possible to ensure full compliance with the
 new requirements.
  More information is available
  online at:

   Guidance on preparing and
  submitting notifications to export
  SLABs for recycling

   Frequently asked questions

   Final rule
 EPA contact:
 Laura Cough Ian
   Hi 'I-.'. -,l,.|i :.
   Ln'.'iroimcn:;! Itrtenun


April 2010