WaterSense*  Labeled
                                         Bathroom   Sink
     "1%   n ost of us know we can save water if we turn
      \/I off the tap while brushing our teeth (as
       V   much as 3,000 gallons per year!), but did
     you know that there are products that will help save
     water when you turn on the tap too? WaterSense, a
     program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental
     Protection Agency (EPA), can help you identify high-
     performance, water-efficient bathroom sink faucets
     and faucet accessories that can reduce water use in
     the home and help preserve the nation's water

     Faucet Flows
     Faucets account for more than 15 percent of indoor
     household water use—more than  1 trillion gallons
     of water across the United States each year.

     WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucets and acces-
     sories can reduce a sink's water flow by 30 percent or
     more without sacrificing performance. We could save
     billions of gallons each year by retrofitting the coun-
     try's 222 million bathroom sink faucets with models
     that have earned the WaterSense label.

     The WaterSense Label
     All products bearing the
     WaterSense label complete a
     third-party certification
     process that includes inde-
     pendent  laboratory testing to
     ensure they meet EPA criteria.
     Faucets and faucet accessories—
     products that can be  attached easily to  existing
     faucets to save water—that obtain the WaterSense
     label will have demonstrated both water efficiency
     and the ability to provide adequate flow.
                           WaterSense Savings
                           By installing WaterSense labeled bathroom sink
                           faucets or faucet accessories, an average household
                           can save more than 500 gallons each year. Also,
                           since these water savings will reduce demands on
                           water heaters, households will also save energy.
                           Achieving these savings can be as easy as twisting
                           on a WaterSense labeled aerator, which can cost as
                           little as a few dollars.

                           If every household in
                           the United States
                           installed WaterSense
                           labeled bathroom
                           sink faucets or faucet
                           accessories, we could
                           save more than $350
                           million  in water utility
                           bills and more than
                           60 billion gallons of water annually—enough to
                           meet public water demand in Miami for more than
                           150 days! In addition, U.S. homes could avoid about
                           $600 million in energy costs for heating water.

                           Look for  WaterSense Labeled
                           Faucets and  Accessories!
                           Whether replacing an older, inefficient faucet that's
                           wasting water and money, or simply looking for
                           options to reduce water use in your home, choose a
                           WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucet or faucet
                           accessory. The next time you wash your hands or
                           brush your teeth, you'll know that you're doing your
                           part to help protect our precious water resources.

                           For more information, please visit the WaterSense
                           Web site .
March 2008
(866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) • www.epa.gov/watersense • watersense@epa.gov
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