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Petition for Halosulfuron
June 3, 2009

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   June 3, 2009                                l
   Registration Division
   Office of Pesticide Programs - (H7504C)
   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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   Attention:    Ms.        Angulo

                           Minor Use - Exclusive Use
                          to March 6, 2009 Request

   Canyon Group, LLC requests the exclusive use of the data provided to support the minor use tolerances
   for Pea and beans, succulent shelled, subgroup 6BS Pea and bean, dried shelled, subgroup 6C, vegetable,
   tuberous and com, subgroup 1C, rhubarb, busfaberry, subgroup 13-07B, apples and okra for halosulfuron
   as allowed under Public Law 104-170 Section 210. Canyon Group, LLC along with 1R-4 supported this
   bundled registration package. Canyon group is assuming all the liability for adding these minor uses to
   the label, has done the efficacy and pfayto testing for the crops and should therefore be granted exclusive
   use of the data.

   T am hereby requesting exclusive use provisions for the above mentioned     approved by the Agency
   for faalosulfwoa.  The standard 10 year exclusive use period for halosulfuron expired in 2004 - the uvU
   registration for com was        in 1994. However, according to Section 210  (b)(4)s>r)-i,a** above
   mentioned  uses submitted by Canyon Group to be added to their halosulfuron label and  approved by US
   EPA are eligible for exclusive use provisions since they were obtained for minor crops.  Specifically this
   section states "With respect to data submitted after the enactment of this clause (Augusts, i996) !? s^
   applicant or registrant to support an amendment adding a new use to an existing registration, that d' ocs nut
   retain any period of exclusive use, is such data relates, solely to a minor use of a pestieioe, iuch data, shall
   not, without the written  permission of the original data submitter be considered by the Administra.or to
   support an application for a minor use by another person during the period of 10 years following the dpte
   of submission of such data,"

  By this letter, Canyon Group is applying for exclusive use of the data we provided for pea and beans,
   succulent shelled,  subgroup 6B; pea and bean, dried shelled, subgroup 6C; vegetable, tuberous and corm,
  subgroup 1C; bushberry, subgroup 13-07B; rhubarb, apples and okra.  All are minor uses and all are on
  the EPA approved label. All data for these minor uses was provided to the Agency after enactment of the

  Please let us know what additional data or information the Agency needs to process this request. Thanks
  very much for your assistance.
  Julie M, Butcher
  Agent for Canyon Group, LLC
  Canyon Group, LLC
     P.O. Box 5569 A Yuma, AZ 85366-5569 A Phone 1928) 783-8844 A FAX (928) 343-9255