WaterSense® Partner Logo
WaterSense                                               Use  Guidelines
        What is the WaterSense partner logo?

        The WaterSense partner logo signifies an organization's or individual's commitment to promoting
        water efficiency, demonstrated by a signed partnership agreement between that organization and the
        U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The partner logo in no way signifies that an organiza-
        tion's product or program is WaterSense labeled; rather, it signifies an organization's (or an individual's)
        commitment to work with EPA to advance the goals of the program.

        What does the WaterSense partner logo
        look like?

        The WaterSense partner logo consists of the WaterSense
        program logo with the word "PARTNER" underneath the lower
        right corner in Rotis Semi Serif - 65 font. The partner logo may be   EPA
        printed in black, grayscale, or Pantone 641 (blue) / 364 (green).     AA/Q"l~^"f ^^"Kl C (*
        The partner logo should  not be distorted or altered in anyway,      V Vd LCI  »3C I I jC
        and if scaled smaller must be legible and keep the same ratio                        PARTNER

        Are there any prerequisites for using  the WaterSense partner logo?

        Any organization or individual who wishes to use the WaterSense partner logo must be a WaterSense
        program partner in good standing. The partner must have in place a signed, current WaterSense
        partnership agreement. The partner organization must adhere to each of the conditions of that
        agreement, including actively promoting water efficiency and/or producing products that are
        independently tested to  determine if they meet the WaterSense efficiency and performance criteria.

        In addition, individuals who have been certified through a WaterSense labeled professional certifica-
        tion program and who are committed to advancing the goals of the WaterSense program may sign a
        partnership agreement and use the WaterSense partner logo.

        Where can 1 use the WaterSense partner logo?

        The WaterSense partner logo can be used on many different documents:

            Partner Web sites, promotional materials, and exhibit booths.*
            Letterhead, business cards, and external correspondence.
            Internal communications, posters, flyers, and brochures to educate/update employees, consumers,
            and customers about the WaterSense program  and water efficiency.
            Advertisements (e.g., trade press, consumer magazines, yellow pages, television spots) to
            promote the partner's commitment to the program.*

        *For individual certified professional partners (e.g., irrigation professionals), the partner logo must be associated with the individual's
        name, not the company name.
                                                                                          March 2008

           Is there anywhere 1 may 1MOT use the WaterSense partner logo?

           Partners may not use the WaterSense partner logo in any way that implies EPA endorses a product,
           program, individual, service, or organization. For example, the partner logo may not be placed next to
           the name or picture of a specific product.

           The partner logo may not be used to imply that a  product or service is water-efficient or meets the criteria
           set forth by EPA's WaterSense program. Do not use the partner logo on specification sheets, product Web
           pages, product advertisements, or other promotions directly for a WaterSense labeled product. Instead,
           where appropriate, use the WaterSense label.

           How are WaterSense partner logo use violations handled?

           Maintaining the credibility of the WaterSense partner logo depends on enforcing these use guidelines. As
           the program's sponsor,  EPA will determine whether uses of the partner logo are appropriate. EPA will con-
           tact anyone who misuses the partner logo in writing or by phone. Violators will be given time to correct
           the error(s), depending on the severity of the violation and the medium in which the violation appeared.
           Dispute resolution procedures, outlined in the WaterSense Program Guidelines, will go into effect if a
           correction is not made to EPA's satisfaction.
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