WaterSenseŽ Program  Logo
WaterSense                                              Use  Guidelines
        What is the WaterSense program logo?

        The WaterSense program logo will be used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its
        promotional partners to show that they are dedicated to the WaterSense program's mission to trans-
        form the marketplace for water-efficient products, practices, and programs. Use of the program logo is
        restricted to eligible partners, who must adhere to the guidelines set forth in this document. The pro-
        gram logo is being registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

        What does  the WaterSense program logo
        look like?

        The WaterSense program logo consists of the WaterSense
        image and text in Rotis Semi Serif - 65 font oriented hori-
        zontally. Blue and green were chosen for the program       P7PA
        logo because they represent water and the environment.
        Blacker reversed white versions of the program logo are
        alsoallowed. The program logo should be reproduced
        large enough for "EPA" to be legible.  The program logo
        should not be distorted or altered in any way.

        Are  there any prerequisites for using the WaterSense program logo?

        WaterSense promotional partners, including communities, states, government agencies, utilities,
        and nongovernmental organizations, willing to promote the benefits of WaterSense labeled prod-
        ucts and water-efficient practices through education campaigns or other activities may use the pro-
        gram logo on outreach/promotional materials. To preserve the credibility of the program logo,
        organizations must adhere to government regulations on  the uses of the program logo as indicated
        in this document.

        Promotional partners must have in place a current, signed partnership agreement with EPA in order to
        use the program logo. In addition, promotional partners are asked to complete a WaterSense promo-
        tional  plan checklist prior to using the WaterSense program logo or materials, and annually thereafter.
        All uses of the WaterSense program logo in educational and promotional campaigns should be consis-
        tent with the WaterSense brand. EPA reserves the right to review and approve uses of the program
        logo on promotional materials.

        Where can  1 use the WaterSense program logo?

        WaterSense partners may use the program logo in the following ways:

           As a visual identifier in educational campaigns that demonstrate the benefits of water-efficient
           products, practices, and/or services, in accordance with WaterSense goals and objectives.
           Program brochures, fact sheets, and other printed materials and promotional items containing
           messages about the WaterSense program or messages  consistent with the WaterSense brand.
                                                                                         March 2008

    Web sites of partners that promote WaterSense labeled products and water-efficient practices.
    Public service announcements and advertisements that promote WaterSense approved messages.
    Press materials and other items that support WaterSense campaigns.

While EPA realizes there are many valuable and effective water efficiency campaigns and programs under-
way across the United States today, the program logo should only be used by partners in conjunction with
programs or campaigns that are consistent with WaterSense messages and program goals. These include
promoting products and programs that use water more efficiently while offering the same or better per-

Is there anywhere 1 may 1MOT use the WaterSense program  logo?

The WaterSense program logo may not be used to  imply EPA endorsement of an organization, company,
product, or professional program. The program logo may not be used to disparage WaterSense or EPA or
any other government body. The program logo may never be associated with products or services that do
not meet the criteria of the WaterSense program.

The program logo should not be used to imply that a product or service is water-efficient or meets the cri-
teria set forth by EPA's WaterSense program. Instead, where appropriate, use the WaterSense label.

How are WaterSense  program logo use violations handled?

Maintaining the credibility of the WaterSense program logo depends on enforcing these logo use guide-
lines. As the program's sponsor, EPA will determine whether uses of the program logo are appropriate. EPA
will contact anyone who misuses the program logo in writing or by phone. Violators will be given time to
correct the error(s), depending on the severity of the violation and the medium in which the violation
appeared. Dispute resolution procedures, outlined  in the WaterSense Program Guidelines, will go into
effect if a correction is not made to  EPA's satisfaction.