Workshop Overview
This capacity building workshop is designed to foster
implementation of more effective and innovative
methods for managing and addressing the hazards
associated with spent lead acid batteries and
electronic waste, as well as help identify ways to
improve the tracking of these materials across the
U.S., Mexican, and Canadian borders.

Throughout the three days, speakers from
government, industry, and academia will present
information on environmentally sound management
techniques and disseminate knowledge on safely
managing electronic waste and spent lead acid bat-
teries throughout their lifecycle.
    Day 1: December 4,200
        Environmentally sound
        management (ESM) of spent
        lead acid batteries
    Day 2: December 5, 2007
        Environmentally sound
        collection, recycling, and
        disposal of electronic waste
    Day 3: December 6,2007
        Advanced electronic-waste

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           Environment    Environnement
           Canada        Canada

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              Cyndy Merse
             703-308 0020
      U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste

                        Spent Lead Acid
                       Electronic Waste
                      December 4 -  6, 2007

                        Tijuana, Mexico
                             Sponsored by:
                      North American Commission for
                      Environmental Cooperation (CEC)
                      US-Mexico Border 2012 Program
                        US EPA Office of Solid Waste

       Why you will find this
        workshop beneficial
The Commission for Environmental
Cooperation and the U.S.-Mexico Border 2O12
Program recognize there is a need to provide
outreach on electronic waste and spent lead
acid batteries. Both of these waste streams are
commonly imported and exported among the
United States, Mexico, and Canada. If handled
improperly, the hazardous materials contained
within these products can have a negative
impact on human health and the environment.
Consequences range from contaminated
operating facilities to human exposure to heavy
metals like mercury, lead and cadmium to
environmental damage from air and water
        Topics of Workshop
       Spent Lead Acid Batteries
 Environmentally Sound Management

   Regulations for SLABs and SLAB Recycling

   Collection Approaches

   Storage of SLABs

   Transportation Methods

   Best Practices for Recycling

   Transboundary Movement

   Proper Disposal of SLABs Residual Waste
                  DAY 2:
             Electronic Waste:
   Environmentally Sound Management

   Regulations for E-waste

   Baseline Reporting

   Collection of E-waste

   Recycling Infrastructure in North America

   Certification Programs

   Proper Disposal of Residual Waste from
    Recycled Electronics

             Electronic Waste:
           Advanced Approaches

   Greening Electronic Products

   Purchasing Greener Electronics

   Partnerships to Encourage Environmentally
    Sound Management of Electronic Waste
    Future Policy Developments
   Reuse Through Developing Markets and
    Charitable Donations

   Business Development for Electronic Waste
    Recycling Operations
    December  4 - 6, 2007
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 Tijuana in Tijuana, Baja California:
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