Superfund Job
                Training Initiative
                        How the Community Benefits
Does Your
Community Need
Jobs and Job Training?
If so, the Environmental Protection
Agency' s(EP A) Superfund Job Training Initiative
(SuperJTI) can help!

How can Super JTI benefit your community?
Super JTI will...

 encourage community organizations,
  universities, labor unions, and local employers
  to work together;

 increase the skills of local workers;

 provide] ob opportunities for qualified

 addtothe local economy by preparing local
  residents for employment; and

 contribute to the cleaning up of the

How does it work?

SuperJTI combines classroom instruction and
hands-on work experience, teaching trainees the
basic technical skills necessary to work at
Superfund sites and other construction or
technically related] ob s in the community. Such
jobsinclude safely cleaningup lead and asbestos,
construction, and equipment operation. Trainees
alsolearnthebasiclifeskillsneeded to remain
SuperJTI trainees learn how to protect
themselves on the job.
"/ would encourage other community-
based organizations to participate in
SuperJTI because it was a super
experience.  A real opportunity. The
learning was tremendous and I was  truly
amazed."  Bernice Freeman, Reaching
Out Incorporated, Douglass Roads Site,
Mishawaka, Indiana.
    Visit the SuperJTI Website:

Participants benefit from the free training because
they obtain skills and experience that canbe
used on the job. Some Super JTI programs offer
stipends for travel costs, while others may
arrange for child care. However, all of them
work with employers to ensure thattrainees have
the opportunity to be employed as soon as
 "The SuperJTI program is good because
 it gives the residents a chance to
 participate and benefit from the economy
 rather than bear the burden of it.  Once
 they get a job, that experience and
 knowledge cannot be taken away from
 them."  Melissa Munoz, Program
 Coordinator, Colorado People's
 Economic and Environmental Network
 (COPEEN), North Denver SuperJTI,
 Denver,  Colorado.
Through the SuperJTI program, EPA is
helping communities develop job training
programs that will remain long after a site
is cleaned up.
                                            Washington Navy Yard SuperJTI graduates celebrate their
                                            achievement at a recent graduation ceremony.

              For more information about the Super JTI
              program, contact:

              Ms. Pat Carey, EPA Headquarters, the
              EPARegional office staff member inyour
              area, orvisitthe SuperJTI Website

              Ms. Pat Carey
              US EPA Community Involvement and
              Outreach Branch

              Tel: (703) 603-8772


United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Emergency and
Remedial Response
EPA 540-F-04-003
October 2004