United States
               Environmental Protection
                      Office of Water
October 2009
Fact  Sheet
                Proposed Information Collection Request:
                Stormwater Management Including Discharges
                from Newly  Developed  and Redeveloped Sites

     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to submit a proposed
     Information Collection Request (ICR) to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
     This is a request for a new collection, and EPA is requesting public comment.  EPA will
     seek approval to distribute three mandatory questionnaires under the authority of the
     Clean Water Act, to inform a rulemaking to strengthen national stormwater regulations
     and to establish a comprehensive program to reduce stormwater discharges from newly
     developed and redeveloped sites.
     Background on Stormwater

     Developed sites, such as subdivisions
     and commercial shopping centers, can
     significantly alter the hydrology of the site
     and can have a negative impact on
     receiving waterbodies.

     Generally, as sites are developed, there is
     an increase in areas where water cannot
     soak into the ground (i.e. impervious
     areas) leading to increases in stormwater
     volume. This additional stormwater
     volume, as well as the introduction of
     pollutants such as fertilizers and
     deposition of vehicle emissions,
     contributes to increased stormwater
     impacts.  Development and
     redevelopment can also significantly
     reduce groundwater recharge, leading to
     lower water tables and a reduction in local
     stream levels between storms.
                            Proposed Questionnaires

                            The mandatory questionnaires will be sent
                            to owners, operators, developers, and
                            contractors of newly and redeveloped
                            sites; owners and operators of municipal
                            separate storm sewer systems (MS4s);
                            and the states and territories.

                            The industry questionnaire is designed to
                            gather information on stormwater
                            management and controls, installation
                            and maintenance costs, and financial

                            The MS4 and state/territory
                            questionnaires will gather information to
                            characterize the current scope of the
                            various regulatory programs; incentives
                            and disincentives for best management
                            practices; and the current burden and
                            expenditures to comply with and enforce
                            existing requirements.

Additional Information

For further information about this ICR, please write to:

Ms. Jan Matuszko
U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water (4303T)
Engineering and Analysis Division
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20460
e-mail: matuszko.jan@epa.gov


Mr. Jonathan Angier
U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water (4203M)
Water Permits Division
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20460
e-mail: angier.jonathan@epa.gov

You can view or download the complete text of the Federal Register notice, the
questionnaires, and the ICR Support Statement on the Internet at: