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Centredale Manor  Restoration
Project Update
                                            Summer 2009 Short-Term Cleanup
  Starting in August, contaminated soil alongside and under portions
  of the Brook Village parking lot will be removed.
  Elevated levels of dioxin found in the surface and subsurface soil alongside and under the Brook
  Village parking lot are moving through the ground water to the Woonasquatucket River.
In August, Emhart Industries, Inc.,
a potentially responsible party,
will start a short-term cleanup
to excavate contaminated soil
alongside and under portions
of the Brook Village parking
lot. This effort, which will limit
the movement of contamina-
tion from under the parking lot
to the river, should take about
three months to complete and
may require additional land-
scaping in spring 2010, EPA and
RIDEM will be supervising the
work being done by Loureiro
Engineering Associates and its
subcontractors on behalf of

The short-term cleanup
will include:
 Excavating contaminated soil and
  disposing off-site;
* Stockpiling clean surface soil and
  topsoil for reuse as backfill;
 Installing temporary diversions
  of the river water away from
  the excavation area;
 Backfilling and re-grading
  excavated area;
 Installing an engineered
  impermeable cap;
                  Installing and conducting
                   limited sampling of groundwater
                   monitoring wells;
                  Installing erosion control along
                   the riverbank;
                  Monitoring air for
                   particulates and  Volatile
                   Organic Compounds
                   (VOCs); and
                  Landscaping and repairing
                   pavement  and  walkways
                   disturbed by the cleanup.

                 Neighbors should expect:
                 * Work will occur from
                   7:30  am  to 5 pm, mainly
                   Monday through Friday with
                   some Saturday work possible;
                  Three of the four parking
                   lots south of Brook Village
                   will be unavailable to residents
                   during the cleanup work;
                  Car service to transport
                   residents to and from their
                   cars (details below);
                  BrookVillage handicap parking
                   spaces will remain available;
                  Increased traffic and heavy
                   equipment; and
                  Additional updates on the
                   cleanup effort.
                               Car Shuttle Service
                               Parking spots D 1-8, E 1-8, F 1-8,
                               G 1-8 and eight visitor spots
                               will be unavailable to residents
                               during the cleanup work (see
                               photo).  Parking for these dis-
                               placed cars will be available in
                               the north Centredale Manor
                               lot. Centredale Manor's south
                               parking lot should be used for
                               visitors and any overflow park-
                               ing. To bring residents to and
                               from their cars, a car service
                               will be available daily from 8 am
                               to 8 pm except for the follow-
                               ing break times: 11:00-11:15
                               am; 1:00 - 1:30 pm; and 3:00 pm
                                3:15pm.  During its hours of
                               operation, the shuttle car will
                               station itself along the Brook
                               Village north parking lot at the
                               end of the fire lane. Residents
                               leaving the building can simply
                               go to this area to receive a ride
                               to their  car. People returning
                               home can alert the driver as
                               they drive in and the car service
                               will follow them to a parking
                               spot and then bring them back
                               to the building. Should residents
                               not see the car along the north
                               parking lot, just wait a few min-
                               utes as the shuttle will return
                               after assisting another resident.
                                                      continued >
                                                                           SDMS DocID 455163

 The Centredale Manor
 Restoration Project Super-
 fund site extends down the
 Woonasquatucket River from
 the Brook Village and Cen-
 tredale Manor properties, the
 approximately 9-acre source
 of contamination, south to
 at least the Lyman Mill Dam.
 The Woonasquatucket River
 has wide-spread dioxin con-
 tamination  resulting from the
 former operations of a chem-
 ical company and a drum re-
 furbisher on its shores. First
 identified in fish in 1996, EPA
 has since documented el-
 evated levels of contaminants
 including dioxin, PCBs,Volatile
 Organic Compounds (VOCs),
 semi-VOCs, and metals in
 soil, sediment, and wetlands
 at the site. People or wildlife
 which comes  into contact
 with these media could be at
 potential risk.

 Since listing the site in 2000
 in the Superfund Program,
 EPA and the Potentially Re-
 sponsible Parties have taken
 several actions to control
 current exposure of residents
 to contaminants. These ac-
 tions included capping of con-
 taminated soil in the source
 area (comprised of the Brook
 Village and  Centredaie Manor
 properties), installation of
 a fence to control access,
 removal of contaminated soil
 from residential properties
 along the River, and recon-
 struction of the breached
 Allendale Dam.
                 Next Steps

                 EPA is currently developing dif-
                 ferent potential long-term clean-
                 up approaches for the entire
                 site and will present them, with
                 its preferred alternative, to the
                 public for comment in winter
                 2010. The overall cleanup plan
                 will address contaminated sedi-
                 ment, flood-plain soil, source-
                 area soil, and ground water.

                 More Inform at/on can be found
                 at the site repositories housed at
                 the North Providence Union Free
                 Library at 1810 Mineral Springs
                 Avet North Providence or at the
                 Mar/on / Mohr Memorial Library
                 located at I  Memorial Ave. John-
                 ston or online at

                 www.epa.govl region \ I
Contact Information
Ted Bazenas
EPA On-Scene Coordinator
or toll free 1-888-372-7341

Anna Krasko
EPA Project Manager
or toll free 1-888-372-7341
krasko.an na@epa.gov

Stacy Greendlinger
EPA Community
Involvement Coordinator
or toll free 1-888-372-7341

Louis Maccarone
Rl DEM Project Manager
401-222-2797, ext, 7142
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                                                                                  Summer 2009

         Centredale Manor Restoration Project - North Providence, Rl

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