IFORMATION  AND
                                                              2006  EPA WIPP FACT SHEET No.  2
 EPA is committed to public consultation:
   Providing clear and complete information
   Creating opportunities for public input
   Responding to concerns voiced by members of the
    public or stakeholder groups.
Get The Information You Need
I. Check the EPA Website. EPA will make sure that key in-
   formation is available on its WIPP Website. You can also
   contact EPA in one of the ways below.
2. Call the EPA WIPP Information Line r-t^^^^^^H

   events or to leave a question.
3. E-mail us at radiation.questions@epa.gov.
4. Join the EPA WIPP-NEWS E-mail Service. To ensure that
   you are receiving the most up-to-date information, we
   encourage all interested parties to sign up for our WIPP-
   NEWS e-mail service by visiting our website. EPA will
   send out periodic announcements through WIPP-NEWS
   whenever there is any significant WIPP-related informa-
   tion to report.
5. Access Paper Documents at EPA Dockets. All public
   documents can be viewed at EPA's  Dockets  in
   Washington, DC, Carlsbad, NM,  Santa  Fe, NM,  and
   Albuquerque, NM. These fact sheets are located in Air
   Docket No. A-98-49, Item II-B1-5.
6. Use Department of Energy Information Resources. Ques-
   tions about WIPP can also be directed  to the DOE WIPP
   Information Center by phone at 1-800-336-9477 or by
   email at infocntr@wipp.ws. Additional information can
   be found on the DOE WIPP website at www.wipp.ws.
                                                                       EPA Conducts Continuing Activities to
                                                                        Inspect and Oversee WIPP Activities
                                                                       What EPA Will Do
                                                                   1 Conduct regular inspec-
                                                                    tions of the WIPP site, as
                                                                    well as the waste generator
                                                                    Evaluate any changes to
                                                                    the activities and condi-
                                                                    tions at WIPP
                                                                    Keep the public informed
                                                                    about WIPP activities
                                                                    through our website,
                                                                    emails and meetings
                                                                                           What the Public Can Do
                                                                                       Regularly check website/
                                                                                       WIPP-NEWS email alert/WIPP
                                                                                       Information Line for meeting
                                                                                       announcements, new information,
                                                                                       and other news
                                                                                       Call, email, or fax EPA staff with
                                                                                       any questions or comments
                                                                                       Public comment periods on
                                                                                       proposed waste generator site
                                                                                       approval decisions will be
                                                                                       announced on the web,
                                                                                       WIPP-NEWS email alert, and
                                                                                       WIPP Information Line
                                                           EPA received public comments on both the complete-
                                                           ness and technical adequacy of DOE's first recertification
                                                           application. In general, these comments addressed issues
                                                           concerning the waste inventory, the performance assess-
                                                           ment and karst. Public comments led EPA to request ad-
                                                           ditional  information and analyses from DOE and to perform
                                                           a re-evaluation of karst information. EPA addressed public
                                                           comments in the relevant Certification Application Review
                                                           Documents, or CARDs, and the Technical  Support Docu-
                                                           ments, or TSDs, that support EPA's recertification decision.
                                                           Both the CARDs and TSDs are available from the  EPA WIPP
                                                           website  or docket.
                                                                           Fact Sheets in this Series:
                                                                                                  Fact Sheet No. 1
                                                                            Public Involvement
                                                                                                  Fact Sheet No. 2
EPA Response to Public Input on Recertification
In May 2004,  EPA officially opened the public comment
period on the Department of Energy's Recertification Appli-
cation. EPA requested comments on the completeness and
adequacy of DOE's recertification application. The com-
ment period remained open until December 2005, 45  days
after EPA issued its completeness determination.
         United States Environmental Protection Agency I  Office of Air and Radiation (6608J) I EPA 402-F-06-007 I March 2006
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                                                                            TRU Waste Inventory      Fact Sheet No. 4
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