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                      CLASSROOM   EXERCISES
Eating healthy is an important part of keeping young children (especially those under the age of six) safe

from the dangers posed by lead. The following snacks are examples of foods that are high in iron, calcium,

and vitamin C, nutrients that can protect children from lead poisoning. When making the snacks, explain

to children that eating healthy can help protect them from lead poisoning. Children with healthy diets can
absorb less lead in their bones and blood streams.
But remind them also to stay away from the three
major sources of lead:

>  Lead-based paint in and around the home is a hazard if it is peel
  ing, chipping, chalking, or cracking. Even lead-based paint that
  appears to be undisturbed can be a problem if it is on surfaces
  that children chew or that get a lot of wear and tear.
>  Eating paint chips or breathing in lead dust are common ways of
  becoming lead poisoned. Lead dust forms when lead paint is
  dry-scraped or sanded. Dust also can become contaminated
  when painted surfaces bump or rub together.
>  Playing outside near or with contaminated soil can cause lead
  poisoning. When exterior lead-based paint from houses,
  buildings, or other structures flakes or peels, it can contami-
  nate the soil. Soil near roadways may also be contaminated
  from past use of leaded gasoline in cars.
>  Let water run until it becomes cold as it will get. This could
  take as little as 5 to 30 seconds if there has been recent heavy
  water use such as showering  or toilet flushing. (Let water
  run longer if responding to your local conditions.) If
  possible, use a filter for drinking and cooking water.
At the next parents' meeting be sure to provide

parents with EPA's Chance of a Lifetime brochure and the list of snack ideas to try at home.
For more information on lead poisoning please refer to EPA's Chance of a Lifetime fact sheets.
To request additional information you also may contact the National Lead Information Center at

1-800-424-LEAD (5323) or visit wwviiLepa.gov/lead.

                     SUGGESTED SNACKS
 1-2 serves

Navel Orange
                                 Makes 1 serv.09
                   9 slices of wheat bread
                   |*cS of cheese


For more information about lead poisoning, visit EPffs Vlfeb site at

www.epa.gov/lead or call The National Lead Information Center at

               1-800-424-LEAD (5323).