Frequently  Asked  Questions
                    WaterSense  Certification  and
                    Labeling  of Flushing Urinals
     How do 1 earn the WaterSense label
     for my flushing  urinal?

     The first step toward obtaining the WaterSense label
     is for the product manufacturer to partner with
     WaterSense. Manufacturers of flushing urinals, flush-
     ing urinal fixtures, and/pr urinal flushing devices
     that can meet WaterSense's specification criteria are
     eligible to sign a WaterSense partnership agreement
     with EPA. Under the partnership agreement, manu-
     facturers will  have 12 months to obtain certifica-
     tion for a product that conforms to the WaterSense
     Specification  for Flushing Urinals.

     The second step is to have one of EPA's licensed
     certifying bodies certify your product for confor-
     mance to the WaterSense Specification for Flushing
     Urinals. Manufacturers apply directly to the licensed
     certifying body for certification. Once your product
     is certified, the licensed certifying body will provide
     you with artwork for the WaterSense label with
     its name underneath the label. You must use this
     label in accordance with the WaterSense Label Use

     Which certifying bodies can certify
     my product?

     A listing of EPA licensed certifying bodies will be
     posted on the WaterSense Web site or may be
     obtained from the WaterSense Helpline. Certifying
     bodies are listed for each individual specification,
     so be sure to  choose one that is licensed to the
     WaterSense Specification for Flushing Urinals.
                                                 If I only manufacture a flushing device (e.g., a flush-
                                                 ometer valve or gravity flush tank) or a urinal fixture
                                                 is my product eligible for the WaterSense label?

                                                 Yes, under the WaterSense Specification for Flushing
                                                 Urinals, urinal fixtures and flushing devices may be
                                                 independently certified and labeled. However, the
                                                 manufacturer of each part must clearly indicate on
                                                 product documentation that the part should be
                                                 used with a WaterSense labeled counterpart with the
                                                 same rated flush volume in order to ensure the com-
                                                 plete system meets all requirements of this specifica-

                                                 How  much will  product
                                                 certification  cost?

                                                 The cost structure for product certification is deter-
                                                 mined by the licensed certifying bodies. EPA antici-
                                                 pates that the testing fee and cost for certification
                                                 of products, which may include opening a new
                                                 certification file or adding models to an existing file,
                                                 will be in line with the current cost structure to have
                                                 urinals certified by an accredited certifying body.

                                                 How  long will certification take?

                                                 The exact process and timing will be determined by
                                                 the licensed certifying body conducting the certifica-
                                                 tion. Licensed certifying bodies recognize that time
                                                 to market is an important consideration and will
                                                 compete for a manufacturer's business in this area.
                                                 EPA anticipates that the time to achieve product cer-
                                                 tification to WaterSense specifications will be similar
                                                 to the time it currently takes to get plumbing prod-
                                                 ucts certified to the American Society of Mechanical
                                                 Engineers (ASME) and other relevant standards.
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                      (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) • www.epa.gov/watersense • watersense@epa.gov
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    How will consumers know my
    product  has been certified?

    Only products certified to WaterSense specifications
    are allowed  to bear the WaterSense label. In addi-
    tion, EPA maintains a Web registry of WaterSense
    labeled products. To get your products included on
    this list you  must submit to EPA a new certified prod-
    uct notification form for each certified model. EPA
    will verify the product certification information with
    the licensed certifying body that conducted the cer-
    tification. This process, from notification to listing on
    the WaterSense Web site, may take several weeks.

    1 am an  overseas manufactur-
    er looking to  get my products
    WaterSense labeled. Will  there be
    certifying bodies in my country that
    can conduct the certification?

    WaterSense anticipates that at least some of its
    licensed certifying bodies will have offices world-
    wide with the capability to  conduct product cer-
    tifications for WaterSense. Please keep in mind,
however, that to be eligible for the WaterSense label,
you must sell or intend to sell products in the United
States that meet the relevant WaterSense specifica-
tion within one year of partnership with EPA. Contact
one or more of EPA's licensed certifying bodies to
determine if they certify products in your area.

Will this certification process apply
to  all products?

EPA will require all WaterSense labeled products to be
certified by a licensed certifying body. EPA may, how-
ever, adjust the specific certification requirements as
appropriate for individual product categories.
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