NLTO Newsletter Part I, October 7th, 2009


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                            anyone who may be interested in the information
                            contained within this newsletter.
Message from the NLTO President:

Greetings NLTO Members,

First, I would like to thank everyone who attended the great brown bag seminar on
"Balancing Work and Family" by Kelly Leovic.  I hope you will join us at noon on
Tuesday, October 13th in Room C112 for this month's brown bag seminar. Our
speaker Jeff Sutton, NHEERL's Acting Program Operations Director at EPA-
RTP, will discuss "Interviewing Success."  I'm sure many of us will find this
topic and his tips very useful in preparing for future job interviews!  So, bring your
lunch, your questions, and a friend with you!

I would like to remind you about the approaching deadline for abstract submissions
for the upcoming EPA-RTP NLTO Oral Presentation Competition which will
be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 beginning at 8:30 am in Rooms D101
& D201! All pre- and post-doctoral trainees are encouraged to participate in this
event by giving 15 minute presentations (with 5 minutes for questions) on your
previous and/or current research efforts. Please send your abstract (limited to 1
sided page only) to Danielle Carlin by 5:00 pm (EST)  on Friday, October 23rd.
The abstract should include your title, names of authors and affiliations, and
statement of whether or not you would like to be included in the judging.  Please
contact Danielle if you have any additional questions. Don't wait until the last
minute to submit your abstracts!!!

Thanks to Prakash Bhave, NLTO Advisory Panel member, for sharing his great
idea for a NLTO sponsored Last Lecture Series which will give 'Veteran" EPA
employees an opportunity to share their knowledge and story with the  "newbies."
We are very excited about this idea and  are beginning the first phase in planning

this series, but we would like to enlist your help in putting together a preliminary
list of potential speakers. The criteria to be used in identifying potential speakers
include the following:
      1)  A long record of work experience at the Agency
      2)  On the verge of retirement or very recently retired
      3)  Reasonably good public speaking skills
      4)  A genuine desire to share their institutional wisdom with posterity at

Once a preliminary list of potential speakers has been assembled, a committee of
NLTO members will select the speaker. So, if you have any suggestions for
potential  speakers, please contact Prakash with this information as soon as

The NIEHS-EPA Career Fair Committee is now forming to begin planning the
2010 Career Fair which will be held in the spring. We need at least two people to
serve as EPA representatives on this committee.  Responsibilities include serving
as a rep to the EPA building set-up and security and organizing a panel if you so
choose.  The time commitment includes a 1 hour meeting every other week from
about October until April and planning time for collecting panelists and serving as
a point of contact. We have two volunteers so far, but if you are interested in
serving on the committee, please contact me for additional information.

If you haven't joined the NLTO Facebook group, please do so! ClarLynda has set
up the "RTP EPA NLTO" Facebook group for those who are interested in meeting
and networking with other NLTO  members. If you already have a Facebook
account set up, then just log in, search  for "RTP EPA NLTO" and request to be a
member.  If you have any questions, please contact ClarLynda.

Thanks to all  who came to the September  social sushi outing at Akashi Sushi! The
details for this month's social event are still being worked out, so watch for emails
from ClarLynda with the specifics. Please come out and get to know your NLTO
officers and fellow trainees at this month's social!

The NLTO Mentor-Trainee Luncheon has been rescheduled for Tuesday,
January 26, 2010 in order to (hopefully) accommodate more of the mentors'
schedules. We are asking trainees to please share this information with your
mentors and encourage them to  participate in this informal gathering.  This
luncheon will give trainees an opportunity to interact with other mentors here at
EPA. Please  confirm with your mentor(s) that he/she can attend and send his/her

name(s) to ClarLynda to be added to the list of mentors that will receive a formal
event invitation.  All trainees and mentors are invited (and encouraged) to attend to
this event!

The next NLTO  planning lunch/meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October
28th, from 12:00  - 1:00 pm in the EPA Cafeteria. All members are invited to
attend this meeting!

Please continue to send information for new trainees to any of the current officers!
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather ©

                       NLTO Announcements
(Announcement from Jimena Davis)

Please submit any announcements that you would like to share with the NLTO members
for the November newsletter to me by Friday, October 30th.  Thanks!!!
(Announcement from Jimena Davis)

We would like to give our support to fellow NLTO members during their speaking
engagements, so please send any announcements about seminars given by NLTO
members to me to be shared with the NLTO members. Thanks!!!
(Announcement from David Dix)

Are you a member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT)? If not, you should consider
joining! The membership fee for postdoctoral members is $35, while the membership
fee for graduate students is only $20.  Please visit httD:// for more
information on how to become a SOT member!

               ML TO Member Spotlight
    Leah ZorriCCa grew up in Schenectady, JVT/ and received
her 'B.S. in ^AnimaCScience from the "University of New
Hampshire. She then moved to 'RaCeigh to pur sue her Th.V. in
Comparative 'BiomedicaC Sciences at WCS11 CoCCege of
Veterinary Medicine under the direction ofT)r. John (gadsfry.
She speciadzedin reproductive endocrinoCogy and finished her
Th.V in May 2007 with her dissertation entitCed"ControCof
ŁuteoCytic Sensitivity in the Tor cine Corpus Luteum."
CurrentCy she is a Tost VoctoraCfeCCow under a cooperative
agreement with WCS11 and the 'ETA. She is currentCy working
with Vr. 'Tammy Stoker in the Toxicity ^Assessment "Division
in N3-[fEfE'RL. She has pur sued projects examining the effects
of the antibacteriaCTricCosan and sever aC chCorotriazine
herbicides on maCe andfemaCepubertaCdeveCopment. In
addition, she is working on severadn vitro projects to
evaCuate the effects of\Atrazine and its metabodtes on the
hypothaCamic reguCation of (gnTJ^puCsatidty. Leah keeps
6usy with her son Zachary, her two dogs 'Bruin and Ids, and
her husband Van.