Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign

Industry Leaders Are  Part of the Solution

When handled responsibly, chemicals are useful educational tools.
They allow students to conduct experiments in the lab, create works of
art in the studio, and restore vehicles in the automotive shop. When
they are mismanaged, however, chemicals can pose risks to students
and staff.

Across the country, accidents in K-12 schools involving improperly
stored, outdated, and unnecessary chemicals are exposing students to
potentially explosive, toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic hazards. With-
out responsible management, chemicals in schools can be dangerous
to students and staff, and possibly even their surrounding communities.

Schools need assistance to solve these chemical management
challenges. As industry leaders you can play an important role in
creating safer schools for children and staff in your community.

Please consider being part of the solution by participating in the
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Schools Chemical
Cleanout Campaign (SC3) and assisting schools with activities like:

      Chemical inventory, packaging, removal and disposal;
      Chemical management training;
      Chemical management programs; and
      Recruitment of other SC3  partners.

If you are interested in participating in SC3 activities:

      Visit the SC3 website at www.epa.gov/SC3 to learn more;
      Contact your Regional SC3 representative listed on the "Where
       You Live" page on the SC3 website or contact
       Kristina Meson at meson. kristina(S)epa.gov to get involved;
      Determine how you can best help K-12 schools in your area;
      Sign a partnership agreement.

Together, EPA and SC3 partners can help schools inventory,
remove, and properly dispose of their mismanaged chemicals, and
learn how to implement responsible chemical management practices.
Industry leaders, like you, are uniquely positioned to assist schools and
protect children from mismanaged chemicals. Please consider getting
involved today!
January 2007