United States
fcnvironrnentai Protection
EPA 735-F-95-003
uctober iaa&
PrevBntfon, Ptetieidss,
and Toxic Substances (7S06C)
        to Protect
Yourself from
Pesticides (Haitian
Akslon pou
pwof ege tet-ou
de pestisid

                                                 • Steps to Protect YourMlf from Pestlcitfts
At work, pesticides can be on
plants and in soil and
irrigation water.
Nan travay-lan, pestisid kab
sou plant ak Ian te ak Ian dlo.

                                              «Sttps to Protect YourwH from Pwtteldn
Pesticides may drift from
nearby applications.
PestisicI kab sot! Ian lot bagay
ki tou pre.

                                               «St«p» to Protect YowwH from P»«tieW®»
6       to protect yourself
6 aksion pou-ou pwotege
iet-ou de pestisid.

                                          • Step* to Protect YourMlf from PMtlcidn
Follow directions and
obey signs.  Stay out of
restricted areas.
Suiv direksion e obey!
paukat. Fa amre kotc ou
pa gin dwa.

                                             • St*pi to Protect Yourwif from PMticldm
C2> Wash your hands and face
    before you eat, drink,
    chew gum or tobacco.
    Lave miri-w ak figu-w
    avao-ou raanje, bwe,
    manje chiklet oubyin
    tabac, E . .  .

                                              «    to Protect VoufMlf tram PMttcidn
Wash your hands before you
use the toilet.
Lave min-w      ou seyi ak

                                                   •    to Protect ¥our*»If Item
                                                             hat or scarf
                                          long-sleeved s>hirt
                                          thcmfcs m  Mete     travay ki pwotege
     ko-ou de pestisid.

                                             • Step* to Protect YotiNHrif from Pntlciih*
C4>      m^ork, shower or
         your body with

    your      Then put on
    Le ou finn travay, binyin
    uubyin lave ko- ou ak
    savon e dlo, c chanpou
    chcve-ou. Apre-sa mete
    rad prop sou-ou.

                                              •    to Protect YMIMMH fram P*§tfela»«
C5> Wash your work clothes
    separately from other
    clothes before wearing
    them again.
         rad travay-ou
    de lot radou      ke on
         yo aekd.

                                               • Stop* to Protect YourMlf Irani PMticid**
(6> If a pesticide is spilled or
    sprayed on you, wash it off
    right away with clean
C6> Si yon pesttsid too be
    oubyin vole sou-ou,  lave-1
    minm le-a ak dlo pwop.

                                            * Step* to Protect Yourself from Pesticides
Shower or wash yourself "with
         water, shampoo your
         put on clean clothes
as soon as possible.
Binyin oubyie lave ko-ou ak
dlo ak savon, chanpou cheve-
ou, epi mete rad pwop le
pli vlt ke posib.

Within 5 days       training
In                will be
      to you.
Lan zone 5 jou konsa yo pral
Lia-ou pits antrenman sou
sekirite pou pestisid.
                                                • Steps to Protect Your»®tf from l%«ttclii»«

For more information, contact the State I cad
Agency in your area or the KPA Regional Office
nearest you.
Pnu-ou gin plis infomasion, kontakte ajans plon
k-ta-a nan wine ou-an onhyin hiwo rejioe EPA oan
zone uu-an.
Region I (MA, CT. RI, Ml, VT, ME)
  U.fv. Hmironmenial Frorciiion Agent}1, Kcgum 1
  Pesticide*, and Ibxic Substances Branch (APT)
  1 i. (ingress M
  Boston, MA 02203              (617) 5hS-32'73

Region 2 (NY NJ, PR, VI)
  I' S Environmental Protection Agcncv, Ktrgion J
  PcHiicjdt'h and "Ibxic Stihsianccs Branch
  (MS- 1 OS)
  2HW \\hocibridge Avt ,  Building #10
  F,di!,on, NJ  08817-36T9
Region 3 7 \f. Jackson Blvd
  Chicago, 11, 60604              (312) 886-6006

legion 6 (TX, OK, AM, LA, NM)
  U.S. Hnvircininental Protection Agency, Region (>
  Pesticides and Toxics Branch  (6T-P)
  I4tt Koss Avc.
  Dallas, TX ?>202-^733          (2 1 -i) b^-~Z5%

Region 7 (MO, KS,  IA, N»)
  li S. Environmental Pn»tcrtion Agt'iR"}; Rt-gion ~"
  Toxics and Pesticides Branch  (1OPI-)
  726 Minnesota Avt
  Kansas Cit>; KS tiMOl           (9I3> S51-020
                                                                            HIM S®j*fa$

EPA Regional Offices/continued
Region 8 (U). M 1", NO, MX ( >"i, WV)
  li.S hmironmonial Protection Agtncv, Region 8
  Toxic  Srtihstance> Branch (HAKT-TS)
  One Denver Plact, Suite *H)0
  999 IHthht
  IX-nvi-r C l> S02D2-2 lOS        { 503) 293- 1"*3H

Region *J |C>\, NVA/.  HI. OLI>
  U S Fnvinmmenial Prc»t«'Ction Agent y, Rtgion l>
  (Vsticides and ICIXILS  Branch (A-n
  v<> Hawlhorne Si
  San Francisco, ( A 9-* I OS        (41">) ^-i
itegton 10 (WA, OR I!>, AK>
  l! S. linvironmtntal Pratt ction Agi'ncy, Itegion 10
  l\',stis uk's and loxic Substance-* Branch (AT-081)
  1200 Sixth Avc
  Scanlc. WA9H101              i206| SS.V 1(191