United Slates           EPA ?35-F-9§-004
Environmental Protection   October 1§95

Prevention, Pesticides,
and IQXIC Substances (?506Cj


                     Ty Ve

Khi Gin

           TrCr Sau

                                                  «St»p* to Protect Yourself trow Pesticide*
At work, pesticides can be on
plants and in soil and
irrigation water.
6 noi lam vlec, thud'c trfr s^u
c6 thl or tren ciy, trong flat,
va                cay.

                                              •    to
Pesticides may drift from
nearby applications.
Thucfc trir siu co thl troi
tir nhftng ncri g)in ben
mh thucfc diftfc ap dung.

                                                 •    to     YoarMlf from
6 steps to protect yourself
from pesticides.
Sau bufdc tur ve
khi     thuoc trut sau.

                                          «    to Prot««t Vbunwlf from
Follow directions and
obey signs. Stay out of
restricted areas,
Nhd lam theo nhftrag lift
chi din va tu&n theo nh&ng
bang chi din. Transh khoi cac
viing cam

    Wash your hands
           you eat, drink,
    chew      or
C2> Ita toy v4 ntit     .khi

              M. Vi...
                                              « Steps »

Wash your hands before you
use the toilet.
    tay trurdc khi di ve sinh.
                                                •    to Prof met Yours*!!

                                                  •     to Protect YourMlf from
f3>  Wear work clothes that
     protect your body from
     Mac nhttng bd      ao
         vice ma co this'
     bao ve cho than the.
long-sleeved shirt
io AM tay
                  hat or scarf
                  non ho4c    choang
                                             v4 v
                                         «Step* to Protect Vour»«lf from
After work, shower or
wash your body with soap
and water, and shampoo
your hair. Then put on
clean clothes.
    khi lam xong vice,
t£m rufa v
                                           «    to Pretnet YourMlf from
Wash your work clothes
separately from other
clothes before wearing
them again.
Gist quan ao lam vice
rieng biet va trirtlc khi

                                                 •    to Protect Vourwlf from
    If a pesticide is spilled or
    sprayed on you, wash it off
    right away with clean
C6> N€'u thutfc trir sau bi M
    xit I6n       doi v6i
              lap ttirc.

Shower or wash yourself with
soap and water, shampoo your
hair, and put on clean clothes
as soon as possible.
Tim rfra v6i xa phdng va nirdc,
g&i dau, va     quan ao
vao             tot.
                                             • Stops to Protect ¥enr««lf from

Within 5      more training
in pesticide safety will be
given to you.
Trotig vong 5 ngily, ban se duac
hu£n luyf n thfem ve each thtirc
ap dung thuoc trir sau an toon.
                                                •    to Prolsct Youn«lf from

For more information, contact the State l-ead
Agent}- in your area or the EV\ Regional Office
neatest you.
D£ dauc them thtog tin, xin lien lac viii Co Quan
Kilm So*t Chat SSiTilu Bang (State Lead Agency)
trong khu vurc ciia ban hoflc voi Vte Phiwg Oia
Phuwng ciia G/Qtian Bat* Vfe M01 Sinh (EPA
Regional Office) gan ban nha'l.

Region 1 {MA, CT, Rl, Nil, VT, ME)
  I  S. i-nvironmcHUiI Protcciion Agency, Kegion !
  Pc«itiLiJes •tnd loxu Suhstanns Branch (APT)
  1 C.ongreM Si
  Boston, w\ (wziw              f(»i?) SftS-5^3
Region 2 (N^'« NJ, Ptt, VI)
  U S. Environmental Protection Agencv. Ri'gioii 2
  Pesticides And lovit Substances Branch
  2WO Wnodhridgf Avc  Building # 10
  Kdison, NJ
Region 3 (PA, MD, VA, »V Dli)
  11 S I'.nvimnmontal Protection Agt'ncy, Itogton
  IOXR-S and Pesticidrs Hramii (3A-l'-5())
  841 Chestnut Building
  Philadelphia. 1"A 1410?          (21 S) W
Region 4 {CJA. N<,, SC, AI,, MS, KY FL, TN)
  I" S linvirontntntal Protection ^K<'nt> Rtgiim 4
  Pesticides .intf 'loxic Stibsunces Branch
  3-1^ Cotmland St.. N.F.
  Atlanta, tJ
Megion 5 «IL, Ml, MM, IN. OH, Wl)
  L.S. Ftuirocunental Protection Agent j. Region S
  l\'s(k'kk'.% aiul 'Iox«c Substances Branch oSPT)
  ~7 vi:jaik,son Blvd
  ( hicago, (I, 60604              (312) 8«&-{»0»»&

Region 6 f>Hi!

EPA Regional Offices/continued
Region 8 (TO, Ml', NO, SO, IT.
  I1 y Fiivironincntal Protection Agritcv, Region 8
  fiixk SubsiaiU'i's Brjnrh (MARK-IS)
  One Denver Plate, Suite 500
  <«>-) JKih St
  Denver, CD
Region 9 (C.A NV A/. I II, C.I )
  I  S llnvnunmL-ntal Pniln'tiun \genty Region l
  Pesticides ami  IOXKS Branch t \-'0
  "^'i Uawthurni' M.
  San ITJIHJSCO,  ('A ^tHIS        (US) ~t
Region 10 <\V\, OK. H), \K)
  I' S KmirfirmiLiHjl FrnlL-rfion Ageno, Region 10
  Pi'Micwks jintl }<>xic Suh%ianies Branch (,
  12(W Sixth A\i:
        , VIA 08 KM              (206) 1^